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Thanks for Red posts, about time (more feedback inside)

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I've been harsh on the Tribunal, but not without my reasons, but I'm gonna give some credit where it's due, it's nice to finally see some Red posts in this forum, the only Reds we have seen untill today have only been to players with glitches or Tribunal problems, nothing to actually address people's questions about their Tribunal bans or the process.

Well done, about time you got around to answering questions.

I might change my stance on the Tribunal if I see evidence that people aren't clicking Insta-Punish and I see changes being made to it, including removing the people reporting for frivilous reasons.

I support an idea of where if a person generates too many false reports or too many reports in a short time, that person be labelled a report spamming troll, and a process set in place to make it so that any more reports generated from that player don't go to the Tribunal, instead they go into the e-trash bin so that innocents don't get banned.

I think that's a reasonable request.

You definitely don't want 500 people being reported by only 5 people in the span of a day.

This would curb abuse of reporting. It should be that reports are for only the most serious of offenses, not because someone got called a noob or something. Racism should be punished, offensive language and cursing should not. There is a chat filter in the game, if they do not desire to see curse words, then they should leave the chat filter on. It's silly to report people for dirty language when the player REPORTING friggin disabled the chat filter.

Also, when I did the Tribunal, I Pardoned a few cases where there were reports from the ENEMY team for offensive language an whatnot, but NOBODY on the player's own team reported him, I automatically pardon those people because it's clearly a case of someone being mad about them losing.

So to counter that, I suggest making it so at least 2 people on both teams have to report someone in able to generate a Tribunal report, that would be a lot better, or all 4 players on a team have to report the person, otherwise, no Tribunal report.

That doesn't solve the premade trolls though.

Those are my suggestions to make it better. Also in an email from Riot, it should list their exact offense instead of being a generic email, it makes the player feel like Riot didn't review the ban in spite of what you guys say about reviewing bans, there's a group of people like me who don't believe that. Doing this could put that to rest.

All in all, i'm glad you guys are listening to feedback.

Also, I've spent $250-$300 on this game, I'm an actual paying customer, and I'm hesitant to buy more RP untill I'm sure that this Tribunal is fixed and working properly.

Also, I would like you to make a statement on what you will do to curtail premade troll abuse, we've seen a few cases of it, one guy even documented it with a post-game screenshot.