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Report Button In Tribunal?

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Anyone else come across a case where someone ELSE in the game is the main cause of the trolling and issues; or violates the Summoner's Code blatantly in some way?

(IE I have had a few cases where two people disagree on something and just start throwing slurs at each other like it's going out of style)

Part of me wants my own report button for those players; It'd be a little odd I guess, but, you could tack it on after the in game reporters with a "tribunal reported"

It's something that can happen in courts if someone incriminates themselves in testimony
Standard minimum number of reports and such required for it to pop up in a tribunal, but I'd like to see that option, since yes, I can imagine that person is going to get banned at some point acting the way they are; but i'd like the option to put a stop to it sooner.

This would be for reporting people other than the person you're judging for something you see in the chat logs.