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Court of Public Opinion

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Zero THM

Senior Member


Reporting is not really an issue, nor are the insta-punishers. Players don't seem to realize that by clicking either punish or pardon, you are actually selecting "send to Riot" or "This isn't worth it." I do, however, want to see more information available for the trials.

What I'm seeing alot of also from players who are having problems with the tribunal is the concept of the fact that you are judging one player on his/her actions. As players in an online community we are expected to have a certain amount of self control. If we weren't, then the tribunal wouldn't have even been created. We are expected to be better than the trolls, the griefers, the feeders, the ragers, and all the others who drag down an online community.
If someone is feeding, that does not give you the right to say to them whatever you please. If someone is calling you "noob" or "bad," that isn't an excuse to fly off the handle. If you do, then you are equally responsible for your actions as a player.
Just as the law doesn't allow for civilians to take actions into their own hands, Riot should not and does not allow for such retaliations. Just like our justice system, they are reported, charged, and tried by a jury of their peers. If voted "punished" then they are to be judged by the team at Riot for a final decision.
The problem here isn't the act of reporting, or the tribunal itself. It's the total and utter lack of self control in the community, and the assumption that, because so many other gaming companies do, Riot is just going to let their players do whatever they like.

Well it's time to grow up people. What you say matters. Don't let your words condemn you and you won't have anything to worry about.