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Arranged team bug

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I'm sorry to report another bug. In the Arranged Team screen, I suddenly got an invitation from the host (weird considering I'm already in the team). I accepted, and it took me to another Arranged Team page.

However, this page only displayed the host's name and no one elses. Others joined as well and were unable to see themselves, although we were able to chat. The host reported that our invites in the lower right window read REJECTED.

I submitted my logs and have a screenshot showing the bug. To fix the error, we closed PVP.net and reopened the application. When we attempted to recreate the team, everything was fine EXCEPT the one player who did not restart the client. He was still invisible to himself (and us) but could still chat. We did not attempt to enter matchmaking with the bug in effect so I don't know if that affect things. However the bug seems to be related to status updating or something of that sort. Hope this helps!