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Thoughts on this Annie Build

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The Aramadon

Junior Member


I just changed my Annie build to remove Rod of Ages since on 3v3 it usually doesnt hit its max, and I feel like I can replace it with something else to boost damage. The theory here is I shouldn't be stupid and should not die with or without the extra survivability from the rod.

1. Fiendish Codex - I grab a Mekki Pendant and turn it into this. The mana regen and cooldown reduction makes farming with disintegrate much more effective. One mana pot at the beginning will keep me in the lane until I have enough to finish this.

2. Archangels Staff - I used to do Rod of Ages here, but I figure the mana regen will help me stay in the lane, and I only need 1400 mana for it to have the same AP as a Rod. I usually have much more than 1400 by the time I finish Rod/Archangels.

3. Sorceror's Boots - By this time, ganking starts, so the penetration and speed boost help a lot.

At this point I vary what I get depending on how the game is going, but this is a rough order.

Mejai's Soulstealer - If I'm getting a lot of kills/assists and dying minimally, I grab this for obvious reasons.

Deathfire Grasp - I grab this first if there are champions with high health because the 30%+ is a huge help. The extra cooldown reduction is also useful further in the game.

Void Staff - I just added this in place of Rod of Ages, so I'm not sure where it would fit in well chronologically. The AP is close enough to Rod of Ages, and obviously the penetration makes that difference negligible. I don't know why I never put this in to begin with.

Zhonya's Ring - Super expensive, but if a game lasts long enough, this can give a huge AP boost. To the point where Deathfire hits for >50% health.

I'm still a newb at this, so constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

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Junior Member


Looks solid, My main is annie and ive played 100+ games with her. I usually start off with meki pendant + 2 health pots. Then i get regular boots, and upgrade to Chalice or Codex(Depending on other team champions). After that I get Mejais (Must for any annie), upgraded boots, then Zhonyas. I like rod of ages, but just cant get it into my build early enough to get full potential unless i drop mejais, which isn't happening. Instead of worrying about rod of ages, u should just get a ryulais toward end game, Annie+20 stack mejai's+ryulais=gg.

Whisper Bamanen if u need any Annie advice.

Also alot of people will tell u to take w skills first, I have played it so many ways to figure out best efficiency...get q first so u can last hit and save mana and lvl faster, and take w skills 2nd. You wont have a mana problem at all, and more single target dmg on champions if ur laning and wanting first blood, play it safe till lvl 6, then just go balls to the wall....with 20 stack mejais i have sat in a bush and wiped an entire team with a skill dump of all my skills. Good Luck to u)