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Tips for playing Alistar?

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I am not at all used to tanking and have not really figured out Alistar yet (Terrible K/D ratio, but I keep hearing it is natural. Except from my teammates.) so I am hoping for some advice.

Someone who used to play him told me to get this item build:

Chalice of Clarity (Meki Pendant first.)

1st Boots

Frozen Heart

and adapt to the enemy team after that.

Considering how much more difficulty Alistar seems to have farming than other champions, I need to have a solid item build down- is this one good?

The Chalice seems to keep up mana decently for endless Victorious Shout spam-healing and others while the cooldown reduction on Frozen Heart seems nice for spamming Victorious shout more, generally having abilities ready, and especially having the ultimate ready.

Another thing- I don't seem to be able to take a hit for terribly long outside my Ultimate- and early game if I try to farm in a lane against any ranged DPS character they will turn me into Hamburger unless I stay behind the front lines- with seemingly very little that I can do to stop them.

Because of said difficulties in farming while not handing out free kills, should I try to buy Heart(s) of Gold because they give armor, health and a slow cash flow?

Should I bring Smite along to try to keep up?

No matter what I do I seem to fall behind in wealth, and lose in a 1v1 against practically anyone.

In teamfights I try to somewhat defend squishies while trying to get in position for a kill- but if something goes wrong and my team flees I am almost guaranteed to get killed (almost being those times I can use Flash and my Ultimate to barely escape) and if I am lucky I might be able to save another teammate from death.

(Saving teammates seems to sometimes involve suicide.)

All-in-all, it makes me wonder what the point of a Tank is and why just rolling up Warwick with crazy DPS and Lifesteal wouldn't be better.

Any tips?

(Oh, and a question I probably know the answer to- is playing AP Alistar viable in any loose sense of the word? I mean, I saw that Headbutt and Pulverize have a 1/1 AP ratio. Anyone tried it?)

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Personally, when I play Alistar, I play as initiator and support. I put one point into Pulverize early sole for the stun, and then back and forth between headbutt and the heal. The heal I find allows me and a lane mate to dominate the lane we are in. Headbutt believe it or not is nice for harassing if a melee or even a ranged gets too close to your minions. When initiating I usually Flash in, pulverize, (before hand I mark the squishy carry) and headbutt him towards me team. Pop ult and smack what you can while waiting for CD. I normally build towards hp and armor(or MR depending on team obviously). But one thing I find is a must is a Chalice. It literally lets you spam your heal constantly.

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I usually get Pulverize first (helps a bit with farming and a lot vs early ganks) then get Heal, then Headbutt, then Heal whenever I can get it unless I can grab the ultimate.

Probably because I spam the heal all the time because I am being hit all the time.

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I asked the same question in this thread, hope u can use it.


I have to add some info from my experience. I played several alistar games and sheen is not my cup off tea anymore. Instead i buy CoolDownReduction items/support items (aegis/soul shroud/etc depending on the other team).
One thing u must learn with alistar is (the way i play him) he's not a fighter, he's a tank. Since i played a lot of twitch and karthus, this requires a different style of play. U don't need kills, u don't even need assists (although it helps ). U just need to do things for the team.

Headbutting carries in your team is one.
Tanking a tower so your team can take it out is another one.
Disable ultimates or push them out by either pulverize (kat/nunu/etc) our your ultimate (take on as much cc/damage as possible then cast ur ult). I try to cast my ult when my health is halfway down.
Push your lane and heal minions and teammates.
Get aura's and help ur team that way.

What most other ppl say is really true. Alistar is only good in a decent team. It's no use tanking a tower and do 50 damage all by yourself. Its great to pulverize into a group of enemies and headbutt one back, but if no one is waiting there to kill the sucker, you are toast. Imo it helps to let your team know what u are about to do. Tell m 2 times and they will learn and next time u do it they recognize the situation (if ur lucky ).
Just play a bit defensive.

Again, u dont need money or items, i know it's hard to believe. You lean on your ult. if you know what u are doing, and ur team does to, you can win. I'm still no pro with alistar, but i manage to do decent now. GL!