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Masteries do not update in profile when changed from pre-game screen

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I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I'm thinking not. If you "respec" your masteries during a pregame, then the following happens:
a) The respecced (new) masteries will be in effect, but
b) They won't show up on your profile masteries page

Your masteries profile will include the way your masteries were prior to respeccing on the pre-game screen. If you spend additional points, those will be recorded as being spent, but when you go back to the pregame the following happens:

a) Your masteries don't look like the old ones in your profile. Instead...
b) The new masteries (done from the pregame screen) are what you'll see (ie, they were saved properly but not displaying in the profile properly), and
c) Any additional points you spent from your profile will show up in the right places

Yeah, it's confusing... Follow these steps to reproduce and you'll see what I mean:

1) Spec your masteries from your profile
2) Start/join a game
3) On the pregame screen, just before the game starts, click on your masteries icons
4) Refund your points
5) Respec, preferably in a completely different way (remember to save)
6) Play a match
7) Go back to your profile after the match and see what the masteries look like
8) Spend the point you just earned on something
9) Start/join another game
10) On the pregame screen, just before the game starts, click on your masteries icons and take a look