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Twisted Take on Twiste Fate

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First off i've seen multiple guides on how to make a effective AP TF and I'm sure they are great but I've never played him built as one. Ive played about 20 games as TF with the last 6(5-1) with the build I'm finally happy with completely. I also saw the guide written about physical TF and it was pretty solid however i think he short changed this build during the early game, but i'll get to that later.


We've all seen these a thousand times so i won't go into detail on what they do just how to use em.

(Q) Wild Cards

First couple lvls it does barely any dmg but has a fast cool down. So there's to ways to play it, either use it to spam creeps or spam hero's kinda simple. Most people will try to spam it at the creeps and use it to get last hits for all important gold for this hero since thats priority one. However if there are no creeps around last hit it really doesn't matter which creeps get hit or not. This is when you should be trying to pick away at the enemy heros. Can they just dodge the cards coming in. Yes. If they don't better for you. But lets say they are a god and dodge out of the way every time, targeting them is still beneficial because it means less time they have to get last hits.

Late game might not be that great vs heroes can usually do more dmg without taking the time to throw the cards...however if they are ever out of your auto attack range this can finish the job

(W) Pick A Card

Now i've read a couple guides that call this skill shit and dont bother using it. I mean lol. Ok early game it does kinda blow slow for 1.5 secs really isnt that useful and the extra dmg is negligible. Which is why you really dont have to worry to much about lvling it up at the start.However during the mid to late game i always have it on. There's no reason not to have it on. Even if you get unlucky and just get blue card after blue card its still a bonus to your dps and we all have had that guy escape with 1 hit left so that 1 extra blue card dmg might do the trick.

Now i use to actually try to time it so i'd always get a gold card or red card or w/e but i decided to say screw it just use it as bonus dmg and have it on as long as im in combat with a hero because more dmg is always nice and if it slows them or stuns em BONUS.

(E) Gate

Your most valuable skill imo. It can accomplish so much for doing really nothing. Early game its another way to get back from town faster. Also great at porting in behind enemy's at their towers and finishing em off. But more importantly early game good at porting around the map to lanes pushed to the enemy tower and taking down their towers faster. This guy is all about maneuverability and ambushing the other team, and you cant do that if half the map is blocked off to you. It becomes even more valuable late game which i will get into later.

(R) Destiny

AMAZING. Ok now that that is out of the way. Yes there is this awesome thing to the skill were it slows all the enemy's, which is awesome for running away or chasing. But there is the other part that is over looked which became even more valuable now with the recent over nerf to clairvoyance. It REVEALS all enemy's and their locations a couple guys mia and your solo in a lane. No problem pop your ult and see how long you have left before they came and gank you. Chasing a enemy but he runs into their terroirty, pop it and see if its safe to continue(trading a kill with a death with TF is usually not worth it since you can farm faster then you made for killing the hero usually).Not to mention your team will love you if you pop it when they're running for their lives.

Fav moment with this skill so far i was the NE team and i was in there woods and some1 called out everyone is mia(around lvl 14 or so). I'm like oh shit baron!!! i pop the ult and all 5 at baron with him at half health. I run right in there and everyone else follows suit(coming from mid) needless to say we got 4 kills(one escaped), plus we finished off baron.


My normal skill build for this guy is


However depending how good my team is at harassing the other team and if they stay in their lane or not i may pick up more E first just so i can port more often and get more kills. But if not q is most important and w a distant second since this guys dps is lacking early game so any little bit helps in 2v2's.


When i first played this guy i did 21/0/9 and it worked well, however when i played a more variety of heroes i did a 9/0/21 build. Honestly i really cant tell that much of a change however now that perseverance got nerfed hard i may switch back.


I've only ever played with 1 rune build with this guy and have loved it since the first time. 10% crit, 10% attk spd, 4.6%crit dmg. Obviously the 4.6 doesnt help all to much but any little bit helps especially since early game is rough on this guy. at lvl 1 you should have a 17% chance to crit with no crit items. Average heros with no crit items is 4 or 3%? i believe.


Now this is where alot of people will call me nub because it doesn't make sense to most people.

Flash: obviously we all know what this does great at getting away or flashing infront of some1 and hitting them with a slow no controversy however

Teleport: i get alot of flak for getting this skill with this guy since you do have a tele in gate. however at early/mid game the cooldown is so long on it that the extra tele means you can show up in more lanes more often for the gank, or to get the super important items without losing any lane time. Wont beable to convince me of any other spells.


TF is one of the most item dependent heroes in the game imo so if you aren't getting gold early and fast its going to be a rough game.

Meki Pendant: i get this first every time with this guy no matter who im facing. wild card spam is essential early game for gold so the mana regen is a must

Philosopher's Stone: is the second item ONLY if you are being harrased hard and you have to go back to base more often then your tele and gate cool down.

Berserker's Greaves: is either the second or third item. If you can stay in your lane long enough without issues as explained above it will be your second item, if you can't then this will be your third. extra atk spd is really needed early game. Getting dodge or reduce movement impairing effects will be nice but your so gimp in the hp depart that that extra lil bit really wont help. If your fucked your fucked have to play smart.

Avarice Blade: will be your next item after your boots. Crit% is your whole goal of this char so its a pretty no brainer to get it. Plus you get bonus gold, not a ton but will help a little. But the early crit boost is the real reason for this.

All of the items above i try not to go back to town unless i have enough gold to build the whole item at once.

Last Whisper: Might not add a bunch of dmg but 40% increased attk spd is awsome. Also TF usually has problems with tanks however penetrating 40% of their armor usually evens the feild. their one weapon against you is take away by 1 item

Infinity Edge: Crit% dmg and higher crit dmg. The icing on the cake after this its all gravy(usually over 50% crit at this point) 500-600 crits on heros with fast attack speed.

After this point your items dont matter which you get usualy i go for dancer for 80% crit or bloodthirster for life steal depending on whats going on in the game. These items seem like alot but usually anywhere between 20-35 mins ill have everything up to a Infinity edge easily 40-50 min games should beable to get bloodthirster/dancer/both.

Early game

Now all the guides are right early game you ARE WEAK and you should spend the majority of the time creeping with wild cards. However a big thing over looked about this guy at early lvls, is that at lvl 2 you can start massing the kills(record is 4 before lvl 4). You just have to be super aware of the map at all times. Constantly look at the other lanes look for low hp enemies, look for mid hp enemies chasing your guys to your towers. any of that is the perfect opportunity to port in behind them and start taking them down. If you do or dont get a kill when you port in either way doesnt hurt your xp/gold. If your teammates died or had to run back to heal stay in the lane and grab the extra gold/xp and then tele back to your lane and mop up the mob of creeps that will be massing now that you left. If not you can either push to the tower and try to take it down some or just tele right back to your lane no harm no foul.

Which brings me to my next point early game tower take downs helps soooo much with mid game ganking. If you see your team at the enemy tower with 4-5 creeps port in and help out. 3 heroes beating on a tower drops it fast and remember soldier creeps take 3 shots to be killed, caster take 2. Once your creeps are down to 1 caster once the tower attacks it once back up, that way the second attk will kill it just as your out of range.

Mid/End Game

This is when people start teaming up and ganking leaving lanes pushing one lane, or trying to gank a person or two. This is also when people get careless with how much hp they have left and how far they push into a lane. Lets face it this guy is pretty easy to kill which is why i generally dont like being there at the start of the battle. Be in another lane creeping and once the battle starts gate in behind them and start taking down the weakest or lowest hp guy. Alot of the time they wont notice you or target you til its to late they are in a blood frenzy so focused on the guy they are already targeting that they wont switch to u til its to late. Also if you are there at the start of the fight its a good chance that if you've been playing right they will target you first so being there at the start wont be helpful to your team anyways. remember a well placed ult in the middle of a battle can change the tide completely(kiting them around ftw).

If done right your crits should lay waste to anyone quickly but sitting around in the lane after with 4 other people when your waiting for creeps to show up to push wont help your cause. gate/tele to the lane with the most enemy creeps in it wipe them out and bump it. If your team pushes they will still have the advantage since more enemy's should be dead then alive. Once you bump the lane run back to your team and either you'll show up a second or 2 late to another team fight(just on time) or you'll escape from a gank making the push of your teammates more effective.

Most memorable moment for me porting in "late" was on the bottom of the map inbetween the lane and the jungle, i ported into the tall grass that seperates the two(in the middle of the battle) poped my ult and took out 5 of the 5 guys, my team lost 1(guess i was a bit latter then i shoulda been )

Hope this helps this guy plays alot like eve you have to know how to read situations and figure out whats most beneficial to you, if played right your 80% crit 500-600dmg crits can easily carry a team or at the very least help the cause. Just remember you aren't rambo your team is vital to your success(until the end).

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I'm not going to call you a noob for saying to use teleport as your summoner ability but let me recommend the following options that have worked well for me:
-Missing out on important items: Blue pill? No cooldown, doesn't take THAT long to cast really(only 3 seconds longer?), and you can get back immediately.
-Getting the early kill: Didn't you just say to get flash? =]
-Getting an extra gank: honestly if you kill one of the defenders of a lane, I would push that lane a bit before heading back anyways just because there is no one defending it. But even if you decide to go back and teleport does help you here, is it worth using up one of your summoner abilities for maybe those 7 or 8 minutes of the game which probably won't actually happen most of the time(early level ganks are a lot less often) when you could grab another ability to help you for the entire game? Early game is important and all, but doing better in end game is more important.

Those are just my suggestions. =]


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Woo! Here to say that Pick A Card hurts more early game than you think. Get a crit on a red or gold card, and you'd be amazed at how much of their life it'll take down all the while keeping them there to whack on too. Try it out with a Elixir of Swiftness (Agility?). With the extra 35% attack speed and 20% crit, already combined with your naturally high crit, you'll rock early game.

I will admit though, I do shamelessly advertise the Elixirs. They're kind of like my drug. I RUN off those things IG, especially on heroes who rely on AP. x . x

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Damn what kind of noob wrote this?


yo supa

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lol scals still hate joo :P

Well flash does prevent the early kills but usually if you see a enemy low health they already used it to get away from your team so when you warp in behind them theres no getting away

I use tele for about the first 15-20 mins of the game just for killing as much creeps as i can but cleanse or heal would be a good replacement since if you get cc'd your pretty much dead.

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Im so confused.... I thought this thread was about me.

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depending on how the game is going i would try going last whisper b4 crit blade

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Edit: Keep up the good work.

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Twisted is my main. I rock with him... pushing all lanes, getting about 20 kills a game. I recommend getting your Avarice blade first, the early money does help. If you are doing really good at getting those last hits, get 2. Get Pick a card first, spam that shit like crazy early game. People run when they see that little card over your head. If you are going 2 vs 1 in a lane, play defensively and avoid getting hit. Get Warp second, then wild card. Then go all out Warp, ultimate when available, wild card, and then PAC in that order. PAC last because the low cost mana at lvl 1 is good and i only use it on the chance that i get a slow or stun. When low on mana or hp, pill back and then teleport to your lane or the lane that looks like it can take a tower out or a gank. Second item get your Beserker boots, faster movement and attack speed. Then zeal, infinity edge, phantom dancer. If the game goes longer, i get Nashor's Tooth then Last Whisper. Nashors tooth for the increase attack speed and ability cooldown so i can pop my ulti faster and help out my team more or help myself get those kills of the lone junglers. By this time your attack speed is fast, so use PAC constanstly and you are bound to get a red or gold card right away. Don't forget to keep spamming it though even after you get that special card because you'll get another right away.

Skills, i would get Clearance and Flash. I usually find myself being targeted first because everyone is scared of me and want me dead right away. So use clearance when someone stuns you, then flash away. If your teammates are there, go back and help. If not, keep on running, because your survival is important. Go heal, and then teleport to a lane where you can push again. I find that I can take towers real quick by myself if I have a creep horde with me. Pop your ulti to see if anyone is coming your away, if you see them all coming then just tele to another lane. If only one or two are coming, teleport to one of them first and take them out. That's what they get for coming after you

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Twisted is my main. I rock with him..

Your main is a hero with his most powerful skill bugged to activate multiple times? That's kind of sad really.

Also, this guide was written when he was bugged. If you're going to exploit a bugged hero here's the build:

Destiny when available (6,11,16)
Pick a Card when available (1,3,5,7,9)
Gate until maxed
Wild Card at the end

The recommended is fine, you need attack speed and move speed really
EDIT: wanted to note that I mean the in-game recommended items, not the above guide's. Also I suggest picking up a guardian angel when the other team realizes you can get 5 kills in 8 seconds just as if you were a 60 min farmed Yi and starts to focus you every opportunity.

Level 1: Lock a gold card every Pick a Card cooldown, stand slightly inside ur attack range of the enemy hero, then autoattack them. You might or might not get a kill here. They will have to leave or die later if you don't happen to. Rinse repeat.

Level 3+: If gate is off cooldown, find a suitable target, lock a gold card, immediately port into the bushes behind the target. If your teammates can CC at all you'll have a kill, same deal, get behind the enemy or in range to do 2+ autoattacks, autoattack for your 3 second stun, spam pick a card as you go.

Really that's most of the game. If you can lock cards with animation cancelling and make intelligent gank choices you can get to 18 in about 15-18 mins from the start of the game. The counter is that the other team can always hide together in pairs, never push, never neutral, and in general be scared of you. Your team should just push all lanes and win.

Why should you not follow my guide and pick twisted fate?
It's lame. You are exploiting a bug, even if not intentionally. Pick a Card will double activate, whether you want it to or not. Having a hero that's bugged so that good timing can give you 6 seconds of AE stun over 8 seconds is lame. Just don't do it. Sadly, yes, I have tested this stategy 3 times. I feel bad that I lamed the other team so badly with this, but I also felt the need to show how broken the hero is at the moment. STOP PICKING HIM PEOPLE UNTIL IT IS FIXED.