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Kennen, try this build ^^

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KeVoN xD

Senior Member


Dreaded 47:
wtf eww, tank kennen, with weak attack. no AP, nor AD, yuck.


If you want to go hybryd ap/ad then o, you will notice that you will join the fight and die as soon as you press e.

If you build him just ap you will notice the same than above.. plus he doesn`t have good ap ratios

if you want to autoattack and stun, go for tf, he can make better autoattacks, and he has a teleport.

Sry for my english


I added some things in first post.

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I actually find building ken with attk dmg and speed better .. just my opinion i tried the AP build deal a few games and didnt find it do so great for me but everyones play styles are different and i complete respect that but give attk dmg and speed a chance and maybe you will like it also