rune combiner out of place

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When i was combining runes a couple hours ago, when i put a rune in a slot to combine it was out of place by about a quarter of the screen straight left, same with the other rune slot and after i combined, the new rune was out of place, but they were all accordingly to each other in the right pattern, if you understand that grammar lol. when i would go back to rune book then come back to combiner or any other tab, it would still do the same thing. oh and i was in a queue for a game that lasted about 20 minutes, so i finally canceled the queue and rejoined and was in a game within a minute... which has happened a couepl times

Offspring (reproduction joke =P):
1. after logging in go to personal profile
2. go to runes
3. grab some runes
4. combiner button
5. drop them in the slot and they werent in slot, but about 3 or 4 inches to the left (on my monitor)

sry first time i actually did what yall said about template, didint see it before = /