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[Suggestion] Mouse Wheel Scroll Speeds

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The Council


Disclaimer: Possible Personal Opinions to follow

The Quick -

Main Page/Patch notes: Good, could be slightly slower, but the size of the box and variance of the text makes this fluid.

Runes Page/Rune List: Way too fast. Currently scrolls three runes per notch. Change to 1 Rune maximum, preferably half a rune or less.

Runes Page/Statistics List: Slow it down, again one bonus maximum.

Champions Page/Portraits: This could probably be increased. 11 notches to pass an entire hero. Doubling this rate (5 or 6) should still feel decent given the size of the screen.

The Long -

The Mouse Wheel becomes the standard way of navigating scrollable interfaces for those that have one available. In general, it is used as an alternative to the scroll bar, but the scroll bar retains usability in large movements. The mouse wheel, in comparison, should create relatively small movements, preferably to emulate animation of the moving object.

I would say mouse wheel movements that cause replacement - data is replaced by similar, but different data - are poor design. it increases confusion as we expected everything to move, but the layout still looks the same. If we half the step, and one notch moves items in between their previous positions, it is much easier to follow the movement visually, and the design appears much more fluid. Given the frequency that a mouse wheel can be scrolled, half-an-item is probably more than adequate for navigating uniform items.

For non-uniform data, such as the patch notes, step sizes can generally be much larger, such as the 20/25% of current screen it has now, as the visual clues of the text layout and blank lines are easy to track.

The Runes List page is composed of a list of relatively similar objects. Worse yet, it currently moves an entire page (three sets of runs on my screen); this is not fluid and can completely confuse the user at first. To hypothesize, reducing this rate might have additional benefits in reducing the number of graphics loaded/unloaded per notch; my client currently has noticeable load time on runes when they appear on the page, and even reducing this delay to the two top or bottom runes that need to be loaded would make the display look much cleaner. Again, suggest moving half a rune per notch if possible; we have the scroll bar for large movements.

Looking at the Runes Statistics, it currently scrolls three stats per notch. While I'm not sure of the maximum amount of items that must be listed here, I would assume my current list, which I can navigate by moving the wheel an entire two notches, is at most 3, maybe 4 times smaller than the maximum. Even if this was dropped to half a bonus per notch, I would probably just use the wheel to go from top to bottom.

The Champions page currently requires 11 notches to scroll past a champion's portrait and name. This could probably be changed to 5 or 6 notches to speed it up while staying fluid, but I don't think I'd drop it lower than that as there are four columns worth of data here.