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What is your opinion?

I agree - The Tribunal is being abused. 1 9.09%
I disagree - The Tribunal is working perfectly well so far. 10 90.91%
Voters 11 .

[Suggestion]Take off the IP Rewards or Remove the Tribunal System

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Junior Member


Before you downvote automatically, please think this through. Many people aren't even reading the tribunal cases. They are just spamming "Punish" because they know the rest of the community will punish that guy too so they are doing that for IP. This is not what the Tribunal system was made for. The Tribunal should punish bad players while also refraining from punishing innocent ones. What is happening right now, is that players can now report other players for no reason, just because they hate them or reporting the whole team because "they are noobs" but these innocent players will get punished just because of the "Punish"-spam-for-IP. This is just my suggestion, you don't have to like it, or agree with me, but please be more open-minded for things like this.

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Senior Member


Just because there's a massive number of suspended people flooding in here and complaining about how innocent and guiltless they are doesn't mean the Tribunal always votes punish. In fact, its these very same people that want to see the Tribunal fail, and are spreading these rumors that people are only voting for the IP. Frankly, the IP is part of it, but so is the fact that people want a higher quality community.