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Some issues I have been having since yesterday

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1.- In one game, the pings were a blue square instead of the normal icon (See first screenshot).
2.- After going to a game, all the name on the chatroom become cut (ss 2)
3.- With Teemo, if you try to plant the mushrom on top of a destroyed turret, the mushrom is not placed and he will do nothing until you give him an order again (see ss3, I have enemy minions everywhere but Captain Meepo is idle)
4.- What are the teams names? The Announcer says Blue/Red, on the screen it says Blue/Purple, but the surrender vote uses Order/Chaos.
5.- After finishing a game normally, the front end told me that the game had crashed and will be terminated, then a error report screen appeared even thought nothing happened, I sent it anyway just in case

EDIT: 6.- You can hold your right click to make your hero move constantly, why can't you do it on the minimap though?
7.- See SS4, my allies do not appear (and they don't appear until I press done), happened thrice in a row, maybe exiting the client and reentering will fix it but nonetheless it shouldn't happen never. On this very same game, after the counter went to 0 it went immediately to "skip waiting for stats", so I closed the client and I couldn't reconnect to the game.

About 7.- I just realized that my allies do appear, but for a split second and then go up to a place I can't see.

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Thanks for reporting all of these Tales!

1). LOL-5732
2). BB-227
3). Could not reproduce this.
4). LOL-7204
5). BB-228