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Karthus Wall

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Recently, I've been playing quite a lot with Karthus. I've gotten complaints that his Wall is still graphically bugged so that the other team can't see where it is. I see it just fine, but the other team has issues with where it is. Just making sure this is out here. I thought it was fixed, but it might still be graphically buggy. Does this have to do with fog of war/ line of sight issues? As well as the brush issues?

Also this:


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Graphically this could mean that the people who can't see it are using outdated drivers, I get that error every time I start a game and can only see the wall by seeing its pillars, which are honestly pretty noticeable, if you can't figure out the wall is there by these, then you probably didn't have the time to respond to it anyway.

Anyway, if you know some people who can't see it--they should weigh in on this issue. Perhaps they're the same as me, using outdated drivers on old hardware.

(nVidia 6800 with drivers from ~2004, updating for me is not an option, as this card faceplants when using the newest drivers.)