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What do you think of Yorick

Yorick is overpowered 37 5.45%
Yorick is perfectly balanced 45 6.63%
Yorick is slightly underpowered, needing a minion buff 272 40.06%
Yorick is complete garbage and utter trash. 325 47.86%
Voters 679 .

Yorick, complete garbage.

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Junior Member


I'll be quite honest with everyone and myself: Yorick is a good champion if you're a good player. Everyone says he sucks and needs an insane buff, but i play him just fine, and i've carried quite a few games with him.

My suggestion is to build him as an AD carry and you'll be fine. Why, i even wreck people with him with only a manamune, merc treads, and sheen.

All in all, just face it: learn to play a difficult champion. Hell, he's not even difficult! Just auto attack and spam his ghouls! He's great for pushing and team fights.