How can I stop being overaggressive as a carry?

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It's kind of why I'm not comfortable with playing carries, and resorted to playing support. a KDA score isn't my concern. Last ranked game as Vayne, I knew my kill priority and decided who I should focus first, by looking to see who could potentially be the biggest threat. As Tristana and Sivir, I focus more and do much better pushing lanes than killing. I almost never engage in 1v1s because on certain champions I'm a very careful player and I only fight when I'm assisting a teammate, or on self-defense. I also have that habit of trying to save my teammates when they need help. I end up dying anyway.

It's just that on assassin champions like Poppy, Irelia, and Vayne, I'm extremely aggressive because 1.) I wanted to play that champion to his/her role, and 2.) It was so easy to get a kill, and I felt the need to shut him down fast.

As a result of my bad habits: I just stopped playing Poppy altogether. Made so many stupid mistakes and found myself incapable of playing her and other carries.

Early game, I last hit, and at the same time try to harass my opponents and try to deny them farm, tryin to keep them off their creeps and deny exp. As a result, I'll fail, and end up feeding myself. I really don't know how to zone. I know how zoning works, but I don't know how to actually do it. I know Vayne does really well at it.

Late Game: When there are actual teamfights, I look for that certain champion who is necessary to kill first(unless the tank says otherwise), and go in for the kill. I just felt that need to kill him immediately before he aces us. As a result, I got reckless and ran into team without the tank's signal, causing me to die instantly. I know it's bad, but I just can't help it.

This is kind of why I have a preference of support champions, so I don't have to worry about killing people, but instead buff, heal, and back up your teammates. But I need to learn how to play every role, because in ranked games, if I'm last pick and the team needs an AD carry, I have to pick an AD carry. I really need help on how to be less aggressive as a carry.

How can I stop being aggressive as an assassin or an AD carry?

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This is a problem I have to. I feel like aggression wins games especially when you know your champs limits.

The problem you are having seems to be you're getting tunnel vision when fighting. Instead of focusing on taking someone out asap, concentrate on being a "support" with your your AD/AP champions. Instead of trying to kill(or assist in a kill) try to worry about focusing whoever is on your carry. As a support you find yourself trying to help your carry the most(at least usually, since he's probably going to be their main target). Do this on every champ you play, not just the support roles.

IMO saving a teammate > getting a kill. If you are more worried about keeping whoever is being focused on your team alive, someone else will kill, and the other team will have nothing to show for it.

Play the support role on any champion you play(even the assassin) until you learn not to get tunnel vision during fights.