Multipile SERIOUS fixes needed

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Hi, my name is Oscar, im indie game developer and programmer. I would like to suggest some improvements in

1) UI is kind of slow, it would be nice to add option that disables animation or improve drawing functions to improve UI response times. Maybe you should get some technical support from Adobe air support team that can assist about performance.

2) Serious flaw of lack of information - you cant see with what level players you are playing when you enter Solo match - normal game. This makes almoust ALL games imbalanced. Just because some new players join in and the other team can have all 30+ and experienced. You should add level mark plus maybe information about games played for fast view in game dialog. Also in my opinion you should add normal/ranked game option only for players level 30, so you must play a few days in practice and then can join normal ranked game. Its stupid and irritating to get a bad team and loose when you cant do anything because other team randomly got a lot better players. Maybe if making normal games only for lvl 30 is not possible - making matchmaking worth its name is useful - MATCH players by level 1-9; 10-19; 20-29; 30; The moust fun and addictive games is when you fight for very even skilled opponents, those games are very enjoyable and so much fun. Even the loosing team is happy in the end just because match was great fight not nonsense imbalanced team mess. It would be so great if every game was like that. For now almost every game in matchmaking is not fun, because there is no fun in fighting with ton less experienced players and no fun either if your team is way under your playing experience and you loose.

3) I don't know if that was fixed, but there was bug when game creator leaves his game and game owner gets reassigned - it does not work sometimes and no one can start a game, because icon shows the new owner, but owner does not have ability to start game (no button)

4) Game runs slow processor wise - this is probably from draw call and render state burden on graphics card driver. Either use shader instancing for shader model 2.0 cards and hardware instancing for 3.0+. Batch common things together (objects with same textures, vertex data etc) (But im not sure about this, but can be the case)