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How to take my premade to the next level?

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Master Dim Sum

Senior Member


Okay so I have a premade team of 4 ppl. Honestly, we're just family (Wifey, 2 Brothers in Law, and myself), we have fun, we're not that good lol. We probably only win 50% of our games. It's actually quite sad, because we SHOULD have more team synergy than most other teams in normal queue, and it's not like one of us has way more experience than the other throwing off the matchmaking system. i.e. we're all level 30 with anywhere from 230-340 wins, and most of us are all about 50/50 on win/loss ratio.

Anyway, I really want to take our premade team to the next level, so hopefully one day we can play some ranked games. But before we do that, we should honestly be dominating normal queue games right? to the point of at least winning 70% of our games.

Right now these are our mains:

Myself: Noc (jungle/lane), Corki, Trist, Garen, Xin, Cho (Tank), Morde
playstyle: Whatever. Just like to farm a lot, get kills if I'm a carry or assassin. terrible at mages. Been told my laning is unpredictable.

Wifey: Annie, Nunu (lane), MF, Orianna, Lux, Janna, Brand
playstye: team based, likes to be support. Maybe too passive.

Brother 1: TF, Cait, Malz, Jax, Rammus, Teemo, Jarvan, Singed, Vlad
playstyle: Can Tank, but to be honest his goal in all games is to get kills. Maybe overly aggressive.

Bro 2: Kennen, Ashe, Yi, Annivia, Alistar, Malphite (tank),
playstyle: Maybe the only rager on our team. Likes to backdoor A LOT, which is good and bad.

Anyway, it's not like we always end up with a feeder as our fifth in normal queue. But if we're a premade of 4, and at the same time we're decent players. But yeah we tend to only win 50/50 of our games in normal queue. Which is terrible for a premade of 4 in normal queue (at least that's what I think).

Part of me thinks its because we all still just pick whoever we feel like playing rather than what's good for the team. But assume we got that down. i.e. We start actually making sure our team has a good mix of tank, off tank, assassin, support, carry, mage. Maybe letting the 5th person get to auto lock in and we fill in the gap from there.

But yeah how do we take our playing as a team to the next level. Where we work as a team better. I feel like the laning phase, we do decently well. Although not too many ganks (I'm really the only one who can jungle, but no one can solo but me too, so i end up laning a lot, and praying we get a 5th who is a jungler). But yeah from there, not sure what we're doing wrong.

So yeah any general tips, ideas, gameplay, teamwork exercises we can do to well..just play better as a team?

Of course winning isn't everything, but it sure as hell is fun to win, lol. So any help much appreciated.

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Rekt DeezNutz

Junior Member


Try watching some videos or streams of pro players. Whenever I have a little bit of free time or am eating I'll just watch some on own3d. The season 1 championship site has all of the games uploaded, those are very good to watch because it shows how teams should work together. I developed a better sense of when to jump into a fight and when not too, map awareness, nifty builds and tricks, and some other things.

At least one of you needs to be aware and always let them know when they need to retreat. If they listen to you when you say to go back, you can prevent a ton of deaths and aces. Don't jump into 3 enemies just to get 1 kill and sacrifice yourself. Logical stuff like that.

Also read http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=71443
I found that to be very helpful

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Senior Member


just make sure you communicate with the 5th guy who's not part of your group. I see a lot of screwed games with 3 premades coz they're communicating in vent and not relaying the info to the 2 pubbers in the team, and that leads to more problems. e.g bottom dual lane: Why didnt you tell me Eve was MIA??? (oops, top told mid via skype but didnt type it in ally chat).

or ganks involving the pubbers would be messed up due to lack of coordination caused by incorrectly relayed info/lack of it. unless you're playing a full 5 premade, its recommended to use the ingame chat rather than vent/skype/TS.

and from what i see, all your family play good solo champs that do not need babysitting. in this case you should always get a jungler, your supportish wife could go babysit the pubber at bot lane who may need babysitting depending on what he locks in, and bro 1 and bro 2 can solo top and mid. 2 high level carries make a lot of difference, and since you say you jungle, do it. just remember, CS > kills, tell your brothers that.

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Senior Member


Try to figure out your opponent's intentions. Someone leaves lane; are they going to a different lane? Are they stealing buffs? Are they going home? Someone is playing aggressive; is there a teammate in a nearby bush? Are they about to hit 6?

On a related note, if you have a good idea that a player is going to gank another lane, relay pertinent information like is their ultimate up, how healthy are they, are they low on mana, etc. When this information differs from the norm.

Time buffs. Whenever blue, red, dragon, or baron goes down, tell your team when it's about to go back up. In normals you can stomp pretty easily by doing an early "surprise" dragon and then just getting it every single time it comes back up.

Buy wards. Whenever someone goes home and they have some extra gold, buy wards with it. Place wards around the map. When you're winning, place them aggressively. When you're losing, place them defensively. Wards are a great investment.

On a related note, try to have great map awareness. Always communicate. Ask for Clairvoyance when you have suspicions or you're chasing someone into the brush. Tell them when important ultimates come up and when enemy ultimates go down.

Talk about your team composition before you start searching for a game. You don't have a full 5 so that 5th is a wildcard, but you should still have a plan.

Have everyone learn every role. Even if they don't end up being a real "I can play everything" player. Having them understand how a jungle, assassin, anti-carry, support, etc play is great. Ideally they'll have actually played a few games as any champ your team might pick (since this is your family, they need not own that hero, you can trust them to just play a few games on your account with that hero, swap accounts as it were, or wait for free week) to get that additional understanding of how that hero works. Then they know exactly how much damage they can dish out, what their abilities do, when that hero is really strong, etc.

Lastly, don't leave that wildcard hanging. Make him feel like part of the team. Help him out with heals/buffs. Communicate with him.