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AD runes

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I want to be able to effectively play a broader range of champions. For that to be the case, I really need to snag some versatile AD runes. I already have armor pen marks and quints, but I'm not sure what my other runes ought to be. Should I go dodge chance for seals, or attack speed? Should my quints be something like flat damage, or cdr?

For what it's worth, I only have 1 rune page that I can really spare for this endeavor, as I have yet to buy any more and changing runes between matches requires knowing ahead of time what my team will pick, which sometimes is not the case. I'm looking to maximize champion potential while keeping versatility.

tl;dr: What is the single most useful, versatile, and effective AD champ rune page?

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There are 2 options I would suggest..

1)Red- amour pent, yellow-mp5 per level, blue-mp5 per level Quints-amour pent/ flat damage
2)Red- amour pent, yellow-flat amour, blue-flat magic resist/MR per level Quints- amour pent

The reason for 1) is that you will be running low on mana without mana regeneration items if you are building AD items at start for an AD carry eg Ashe.

The setup for 2) is that it helps in survivability and durability against early game harrassment because as an AD champ you would want to farm early game. Of course MR/level is better than flat MR but its up to personal preference.

I am suggesting both rune pages that involves runes that are cheap, with regards to what you have stated in your requirements.

Edit: Both are general setups for AD carries.