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Notifications - out of sight, out of mind

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I understand the desire to consolidate all of the pop-ups that occur (game invites, friend invites, etc.), but I'm not sure I am on board with the new system. The initial pop-up (which is quite small and nudged into the bottom corner of the screen) only appears very briefly. Then, all you have is an extremely small icon (again, shoved into the corner) that faintly flashes. Since this notification system is an important feature of the in-game community, it should command more space on the screen.

Some suggestions for improving the notification system:
- Move the icon to a more prominent place on the screen
- Increase the size of the icon
- Initial pop-ups should be bigger and remain on screen longer before descending into the notification icon
- As mentioned in it's own thread (here (http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=8611)), I found myself double clicking the notifications alot, which means they would open then close immediately. I'm not sure if changing it would be good or bad. Perhaps it just takes getting used to.

Some non-notification feedback:
- love the new friends list system. It should probably be open by default when starting the client though, instead of having to open it manually.
- the animation after logging in, while cool, takes a bit too long after watching it for the umpteenth time. Maybe shorten it a tad?

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Veridic Rage

Senior Member


After an hour of getting used to it- I thoroughly enjoyed the placement/accessibility of the notifications button. I do agree that the notifications should stay up longer when they first happen. Or maybe even make people acknowledge the notification by clicking on it to minimize it.

The single click is fine- maybe add a 2 second window for it to be clickable again.

Overall- damn fine job.