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Annie Beginner Guide

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Hey there, I have alot of time on my hands at the moment so I decided to do some basic guides for the newer players.

Anyways this is my Annie guide


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as many has mentioned in the comments, gotta turn that game music/sound down, barely could hear anything you said, and also need to annouancte your words, seems like your mubling most of your words making it hard to hear, problem with most of us in this generation, too much internet, not enough actual face to face socailizing :P

as for the annie tips, pretty good. some things I think you should add on that is critical to annie game play is how to handle the pyromanic passive. most people would say get 4 stacks so that your next shot will be the stun, but thats fairly a misconception. the enemies will be able to see that you have it charged and a good player would try to bait you so you waste it and get as little as possible, but if you try to keep it at 3 stacks the enemy team wont know how close you are to your stun and thus you can suprise them by activating your shield (so that you get the most out of it) and will make your next offensive ability to be a stun and your opponents wont know what hit them, cuz the visual indicator wont show up until in the middle of the chaos.

another good tip is to always use your shield and your cone every time your in base at least once, this will give you 2 stacks, and your mana will regen back to full by the time you get to your lane (Cuz of the fountain's regen) and they'll be cooled down by the time you get back there as well. giving you a good advantage.

most people would think using your shield as much as possible to build charges is the proper way to play her, but I find its not, instead keep it off cooldown as much as possible so that you have it ready if you get ganked or you get into a team fight. the amount of armor and magic resistance it provides is very strong and can be the difference between life and death. instead the only times you should use it to build up your stacks is if you know your gonna not gonna run into someone by the time it cools down. like if you see the entire enemy team in the distance.

this will also allow you to use your Q as much as possible to farm without worry about wasting your stuns.

also dont be afraid to use your cone to farm if it can net you 2 or more minion kills. especially if your getting pushed back to your tower, your best bet is to keep the minion line right before the tower so that your tower isnt stealing your minion kills. and especially when your full on mana, no point in having full mana if its gonna regen to full by the time you really need it. thats just potential mana wasted.

hope that helps a little more to make a new player that much better