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(OPEN RP) The Void War. Part Two: Valoran's Reckoning

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Ruigo Pan

Senior Member


Ruigo inspected the room, to find it the same as she left it, expecting as much.

The room itself was orderly yet chaotic at the same time. While everything had a place, it had a closed feeling with shelves from one end of the room to the other, filled to the brim with books, various artifacts, trinkets and strangely labeled bottles of liquid. The floor was covered in scorch marks and faded stains, all outlines of spells Ruigo previously tested. Whatever space was on the walls were completely covered with diagrams, charts, notes and maps, all pinned over each other countless times. Models hung from the ceiling from PIltover's famous Tailwind, piloted by League Champion Janna to several mobiles of known planets and constellations. Curiously enough, the tables and counters were completely clear but with a layer of dust, signifying their lack of use as of late and some chairs stacked in one of the far corners.

To the right were narrow stairs leading to a second floor and a door to back led to a small kitchen.

Ruigo sneezed as she tossed her things onto the dust laden end table next to them, with a small puff cloud rising from it.

"This is where I live, to put it bluntly. There's a multi-layered enchantment I placed on the outside to keep people from just appearing in here or forcing their way in via magic or other methods and regulates the flow of mana in here from the outside to some degree. Unfortunately, that makes me unable to teleport directly here, but what can you do. You can't be too careful even if this was the city with the lowest crime rate. I haven't been here for a month and I have no one to help me with housekeeping, so sorry if it's a bit messy for you."

She made her way to one of the windows in front, and peeked through the closed curtains outside.

"Looks like we have to make things snappy here though. Obviously no time for cleaning."

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Canic grimaced. "These wolves are just too tough! Heimerdinger, I'll clean this up later! You have my word!"

Canic reached into his pouch for an ice grenade and tossed it at the wolves, freezing them snarling in place.

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"Please, as if I need him for this."
Dyoru drew his sword, standing tall. [Bolstering Presence is active now]
He charged forward into the thick of the monsters, dextrously avoiding flailing limbs and tentacles. Once in the middle, his sword became a blur, shearing of chunks of flesh from their enemies. As the monster's closed on him and his allies, he shifted his movements, protecting Schuss and Seifren.

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Claude was cutting a bloody swath in the Voidborn's lines when suddenly a tentacle wrapped around his left arm, and pulled him. He only smiled at this as he looked at the creature, and with great strength he yanked the creature toward him. It fell face first into the bloody ground, and Claude stabbed it through the back of its neck killing it instantly. Though suddenly five tentacle shot from the Voidborn mob each one grabbing a limb, but one grabbed his neck and began to choke him. The wrap around his neck was growing tighter and tighter, and his vision began to blur.

Suddenly there were four gunshots and four of the voidborn holding him in place were lit aflame, and then there were four loud pops. White fire bursted from their an unseen wound, and consumed them. Claude could feel the grip around his neck slacken, and he removed the tentacle. Zaun soliders charged past him routing the remaining Voidborn out of the city. Claude looked behind him to see Benjamin cleaning the Voidborn blood from his longsword, "Thanks for that."
Benjamin shrugged, "No problem, but we may one step in such a counterattack. A little too easy if you ask me." Suddenly they heard a deafening roar, and they ran up the city wall to see a large spiked beast surronded by hundreds of voidborn.

"How? How are we suppose to kill that?" A zaun solider asked in fear.
Claude smiled, "Easy, we just don't stop attacking it until it dies."

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Zanza Sanada

Senior Member



Roan and several villagers huffed as they carried a large tree from the woods, which they had just cut down to remake a destroyed home on the outskirts of a Demacian village called Alaspar. The small group made its way across the green fields quietly, except for their grunting noises-all that could be heard was the sound of the wind gusting around them. The air whipping Roan's hair into his face and eyes now and then. Making him mumble just a bit in annoyance. When did our fair weather be turned into this foul mockery? Or why... He thought to himself, contemplating how suddenly everything seemed to change from sunny skies to this strange, stormy weather. Having been out in the wilds for quite awhile and just reached the outskirts of Demacia.

A older mans voice piqued from the back of the small group carrying the tree, "We are very grateful for this young man!"

Roan immediately knew who it was. "I was just passing through Graf. No need to thank me." The burly old man laughed heartily, being the leader of the small village he always was trying to thank Roan whenever he passed by his small village. "Well you had it coming to you! Everytime you come here, something happens that we need your help with." Graf said with a hint of sarcasm.

Another voice joined in from the other side. "Father, that sounds like your calling him more of a curse, then a help. Probably true!" Baldin said with a smirk, Graf's son. A small wave of laughter enveloped the group of villagers and Roan. And with that Roan retorted playfully "Oh, and I am not going away anytime soon. Got to get that house fixed. How in the world did it get damaged in the first place?" A slight murmur flowed through the group of villagers at that. And with a more hushed tone, Graf said-
"Tis was a bolt of lightning. Struck the house and burned up most of it. But what was worse, these creatures were born out of the ashes of the home."

Roan raised a brow as they all continued their march with the giant tree upon their shoulders. "Creatures? What kind of creatures?"

"Unnatural creatures...something that even the family which was staying inside would not speak o-" Graf said, but was cut off by a large bolt of lightning above in the distant clouds. The sound was like the clap of a god's hand. The small group had stopped their march and stared up at the sky in the distance, something slowly emerged from the clouds. Descending towards the ground at a very fast pace. "It looks like a ship..." One of the Villager's said.

Roan blinked his blue eyes and watched as it was on a collision course for the ground far away from them all. Turning to look back at the other villagers he said. "I'm going." They all nodded and lifted the tree up at the front end enough that Roan could get out from under its weight, nodding softly he began to run in the direction of the falling ship...

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"First and second squad establish a perimeter in that cluster of buildings there." Sergeant Bastion Ulios ordered his men. "Third squad, stay with Ryze and Master Anses. Protect the Summoners at all costs. We know nothing of Uristan and will not lose another Summoner today."

The city was not as he expected. Not in the least. The way Zilean spoke of Uristan, you would think that the city was still a crown jewel of the world. Forgotten by civilization and doomed to be taken back by nature. The latter was true. Uristan was at one point built mostly with the lumber of large oaks, reinforced by stone and alloys they created in ages past. Now they were held up by the trees and worn away by water damage and the wind. The ground was all withered and cracked like time itself was against this poor city. The curse of Zilean did not only affect him it seemed.

Sergeant, what will you be doing?" A Summoner asked. His tone far exceeded his position. Summoner or not; not all were above him just because he was a guard. He was still the most experienced in combat. "Should you not be searching the area?"

Bastion turned and smiled at the lowly initiate. Because the mood was low and spirits were dampened by the situation of Valoran - Bastion decided to ignore the mans tone and cut straight to business. "Summoner, I am handling the situation as fast as I am able. It is necessary to scout the area, protect you and everyone else and progress as I say, when I say."

"Hmph.. Just do your job, Bastion." The Summoner barked, his face red with frustration. Bastion kept his composure, remained smiling, "Of course, Master Summoner. You know best after all."

A soldier hurriedly pulled Bastion away before he could be further bombarded by the arrogant initiate. And for good reason too. Apparently, a distance from the watch tower, the sight of Zilean's curse there have been reports of strange noises. The noises led them to a large structure buried by nature.

"Have you gone inside yet?" He inquired, his interest peaked. The soldier shook his head, knowing to not push his luck alone. But the same could not be said of a League Champion. "No Sergeant, we have secured this area but have not pushed passed the perimeter. Malphite however, has gone in unaided and was adamant to not be followed."

"What the hell! Gather some men and let's go. The Champions are under our care, as much as the Champions. We follow him. If he doesn't like it then he can watch over Master Anses with Ryze."

The soldier bowed and hurried off. Soon after he returned with a small contingent of warriors and a mage who volunteered with the permission of Anses. "Bastion, please allow me to assist you. I'm still an initiate but I am skilled in healing and defensive magic."

He was young, maybe as young as Bastion. Neither really belonged on the battlefield, at least not one of this tremendous magnitude. No one, no matter how old deserved to face the horrors of the Void. It should have remained just a fear in the back of ones mind.

"Of course you are welcome. We need all the brave men we can get, mage. Alright, you two take the rear. I'll take the lead. Mage stay in the middle, keep your eyes and ears open."

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Senior Member


Schuss had been fending him self off from the voidlings now. But he had 'let' some of the attacks go through, and had gotten hurt on purpose.

"If you're are wondering why I'm doing that to my self, it is simple the more damage I take the more damage my magic attacks do. It's a self defense thing my body has since birth. The closer I am to death the stronger my magic is" Schuss explained.

Schuss had shown this by masking his sword in water again. But this time the water was more sharper and more dense.

"If you want I can make it so no more of these creatures enter but I might need some cover for the casting time."

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Xenotime Gaze

Senior Member


Sedus nodded, feeling with his magical senses the flow of magic and the barriers that had been set up. All of a sudden, he felt a strange sort of pressure against the outermost barrier.

He dashed to the window and looked outside as well. The mud monsters had combined their bodies into a giant mud golem, and were pressing what looked like thick, goey armes against the outermost barrier. The mud on these appendages continuously flowed in a strange cycle against the barrier, applying a potent and continuous pressure against the magical structure. Rugio was right, they had to hurry.

Sedus threw an additional silent wall against the door however, to buy them a bit more time. He indicated as such to Rugio in his silent speech, imploring her to get whatever she needed. He also noted the possibility that these creatures could sense magic, being beings of magic. If that was the case, he could shield their magic power from the beasts with his silencing aura to allow them to escape.


Amiss and Galiph were shocked at the power of the ice grenade, but were still wary of the danger that these beasts threatened.
"Impressive," said Amis analyzing the scene for any signs of danger. He cautiously approached the ice, only to jump back away from the frozen ground as it cracked with electricity. The eyes of the four wolves shone like 8 purple stars before a flash of light, followed by a deafening blast of thunder, burst froth from the electrified ice, which began to pulse a bright purple. Amis, who had thankfully shielded his eyes against the flash, was able to see what was happening.

"Ohhhh no..."

"Not that again. What's happening?"

"The beasts... they are using the conductive properties of ice as a catalyst, allowing their separate forms to-"

"Can you speak! Like a normal! Person! PLEASE!!!!!!" Galiph shouted over another crack of thunder.

"Essentially, they are fusing into one being. Using the ice. Considering the ramifications, they might use the ice as a way to keep their unique forms in flux..."

"And what does that mean?!?!" Galiph shouted, more than a little annoyed.

Heimerdinger's eyes widened. He quickly popped his glasses on. "I'm not going to let that happen!" He shouted. He threw down 2 tiny bolt-like devices, which quicly transformed into 2 of his red turrets. Taking out all of his arsenal, he fired several hextech mini-rockets, and a few grenades at the enemy. "Everyone duck!" he shouted, turning away and covering his ears. There was a deafening explosion, one which would have blown everyone away had Galiph not shielded them with his wisps, which absorbed the energy.

Amis looked up and surveyed the overall damage. A fine, cold mist was all that was left of the ice and void-wolves. But something didnt feel right. He looked again, his eyes taking in everything. They widened in shock as he looked at a small glowing spot in the midst of the mist, and up at the sky. "Back up everyone!" Amis shouted, using his powers to forcefully push everyone away from the mist.

Not a second later, a bolt of lightning struck from the sky into the center of the mist, the void-energy arcing through every point of ice. The now-glowing ice vapor swirled rapidly, coagulating into a giant bipedal wolf-like being with a giant pattern of ice, like a snowflake, extending from its back. It howled at the sky, its voice resonating in the voice of the prior 4 wolves.

"Oh..." Amis started.
"...Snap," Galiph finished.

The Wolf-Beast grinned and licked its lips before drawing in a breath and releasing a howl as loud as a clap of thunder at them.

((@Delmagar - Made a mini-boss I guess due to my wild imagination. I was thinking that, because the void is apparently a collective, yet has individual components, that beings such as these which could fuse together and separate at will (provided that there is a catalyst) would exist. Also, I was thinking that, in Piltover, Eros would have an energy form which currently exists in the clouds and which is creating the monsters from the lightning strikes, and who would come down when he gets mad enough that they arent being effective, or something. just my 2 cents, you can use this idea or not.))

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(No, that's fine. I want you guys to experiment with this. And these ARE VOID CREATURES people. Nobody should be simply man handling them unless they are only the lesser Void-touched creatures. The Void is the worst fear of the League and so the beasts coming from it should be more than trying.

@ Schuss- enter where? Seifren, Dyoru and you are out in the middle of Freljord.)

"Whoah-hooo!" Seifren called out as he watched the swordsman, Dyoru handling the Void touched and Voidlings with ease. "Not too shabby. It's my turn though."

Seifren ignored the screeches and slashes from Voidlings, ducking and rolling through the mobs of monsters with some difficulty. They were far outnumbered by the changed barbarians and had no sign of allies on the horizon. Just the way the Wereknight liked it. The deck was stacked, the odds of survival low and chance of having fun - through the roof!

Voidling after Voidling, flanked by the tainted barbarians and odd wolves circled Seifren. He was several yards away from Schuss and Dyoru, and hoped to handle this on his own or die trying. Either way worked for him. This curse of his, this loss of memory was his achilles heel in life. Yet he found a way to push the Wolf to its limits.

Seifren dropped his sword and keeled over- his body shaking violently, the wolf rippling under his skin and fighting to burst forth from its cage. As it was caged longer and longer it became unstable, bloodthirsty, hard to control. Seifren did not like to lose control of the beast and so he enjoyed a unique partnership with his animalistic side.

The clothes on his body began to tear under his growing body. His bones cracked and twisted, changing from his human proportions to the wolf's. Within a few moments, Seifren was no more and the werewolf eyed the confused Void monsters.

The tainted threw spell after spell in their circular crossfire, trying to burn and maim and silence Seifren. He ignored all the strikes with a series of leaps at incredible speeds. He flipped over a silencing spell that happened to hit another Voidborn and placed his fist through the tainted's skull.

The ongoing battle was numerous flashes of red - fire, purple and black - silencing, and blue - ice. Seifren avoided all them all as he jumped from foe to foe spilling their guts, ripping limbs from the tainted, rending the flesh from their bones. Each of his attacks further increased his power, sated his blood lust and hunger for battle.

That was until his predatory senses revealed an enemy hidden behind a few corpses. The figure was old, tainted with Void energy and vastly different than the others. His presence alone filled Seifren with an unknown dread that he never felt til now.

The old man, Saluz the Void Warlock smiled, knwoing that Seifren saw him. The surrounding area turned red as if the sky was on fire - and soon, it was. The snowy tundra erupted into pillars of fire around Seifren and the Void beasts, Dyoru and Schuss. The fires reached high up into the sky, disappearing behind the cloud cover produced by the Void storm. His disruptive magic aggrivated the storm and brought down a series of lightning bolts.

"Well, well, well.. Such an interest group of people, I must say." Saluz' voice was old, ancient even but carried the voice of thousands behind it. He was powerful, influential and extremely dangerous. "Selkair was right to send me here."

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Canic staggered back as he saw the ice wolf rise. "Hmm. Perhaps I had miscalculated..." He lowered his goggles and flipped to the energy sensor lenses. "It seems to be recieving the bulk of it's strength from that icy growth on it's back!"

He turned to the 3 yordles behind him. "I can't risk using a fire grenade in here, the whole building might burn to the ground! But somehow, we have to take out that ice symbol!"

((Herald, hope you don't mind if I give the miniboss a weakpoint. Just tell me if you want me to delete this post))