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How do you build Jax on Twisted Treeline?

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Ok to put the dodge concerns about it capping to rest I will explain exactly how it works. The ones that say dodge gets worse the more you have are right. This is because it has diminishing returns for EACH SOURCE of dodge. I will provide the math for a common example, sources are:

Tabi = 11%
cs passive rank 1 = 10%
runes = 6.8%

so tabi gives you 11%, then the diminishing return is calculated from 89 not 100 for the next source of dodge and so on, the math looks like this:

100 x .11 = 11% -> 100 - 11 = 89 -> 89 x .1 = 8.9% -> (8.9 + 11) - 100 = 80.1 -> 80.1 x .068 = 5.446 ~ 5.5 -> (8.9 + 11 + 5.5) -100 = 74.6 -> 100 - 74.6 = 25.4%

so in that example you see how the diminishing returns works if you want to calculate how much dodge another source beyond the first gives you, simply take the dodge % apply it to 100 minus current dodge , so for only 2 sources its not that complicated ei tabi and passive rank 5 only is easy to calculate on the fly just 100 - 18 = 82 then 11% of 82 is 9.02 ~ 9 so 9 + 18 = 27% dodge. Not 29% that 18 and 11 add to.

Now that you know how it works you can see for yourself if you think that phantom dancer is worth it, heck 20% is always a nice easy one to plug into the equation on the fly. However my opinion from testing and knowing the math behind it is the dodge you get from Ph. D on Jax isnt effective enough to merit. You already can stun as fast as the cooldown and mana permit.

Anyway all of the above info has been verified by riot and thru testing, you can check the forums from wayyy back in november to confirm. This also hasnt changed since and wont probably ever.

your all welcome ;D

Dodge doesn't give diminishing returns any more than any thing else gives diminishing returns such as armor, damage, crit chance, ap. The more you have of one stat the less the percentage increase that a flat increase will do. The same is the case with dodge. Although you are getting less and less percent increase as you get more dodge each percent that you do get is better since the closer you get to 100% dodge the more effective hp each percent adds. Basically by multiplying the dodges together you're basically adding the effective hp percentage increases together which is like adding flat increases to another stat.