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[Guide] How to play against Champion "X"

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First of all, this Guide is more or less for ppl that are not too familiar with LoL, so better players may already know most of the things I’m gonna point out when facing certain Champs.

When facing Amumu, it’s very important to juke away from his bandage-throw ability. This means simply running away diagonally when he’s trying to throw his bandages at you.

Another thing to point out is not to crowd too much, which means not to stay near your teammates and/or minions, so that his ultimate won’t kick in as hard.

Like against Amumu, juking and not crowding is also very important against the Cryophoenix, because of Flash Frost and his Ulti.

Very important is to memorize when Anivia has used her passive Ability (moprh into an Egg and getting reborn after receiving fatal damage). So don’t try and follow her too deep into turrets and/or teammates/minions that are streaming in, because your final blow may just morph her into an egg and gives her enough time to survive and you might get killed by turrets or sth. else.

Annie has strong AoE and pressure, so I’d recommend not to have less ppl in the same line as Annie, or your minions are gonna die really fast.

It’s also important not to crowd and to be aware where Annie is standing and where she might hit you with her AoE (remember the cone-shape of her incinerate-Ability and the AoE her Ulti does upon summoning).

When facing Ashe, you have to be aware that you might get slowed by her ulti or her cone-shaped volley-ability.

Against her Ulti it’s very important to strife/jukle and to keep moving and not staying in the same place too long, even if she’s not around at the moment.

His rocket-grab is another ability very you have to juke to avoid it or just allways try to have minions between you and Blitzcrank.

When he charges up his power fist, run away until it has cleared off.

When his Ulti is ready, don’t stand too near to him (I‘d recommend facing Blitzcranks line with a ranged champion) and don’t crowd too much, because AoE-silence can be pretty devastating when the opposing team is pushing.

Against Cho you don’t want to stay right behind your minions, so you don’t get hit by his passive ability. Also, keep looking at the ground and keep moving, so his rupture won’t dmg and stun you.

His Ulti can be very strong, so if you’re at low health, don’t let him get near you and keep focusing him more than other champs, because he will get very strong when he uses his ulti too often without getting killed.

Dr. Mundo
Dr. Mundo has no Mana, because he uses his health points to pay for his abilities, so it can be very hard for mundo, when you keep pressuring him. You’ll want to have the same amount or more Champs in Mundos line, to keep up the pressure on him so his strong ability to push is heavily weakened.

Also keep juking and stand behind minions, so his cleaver can’t hit and slow you.

Because Evelynn is often invisible, you’ll allways have to look out if she’s alive and where she might attack if she is not visible and not respawning. It’s also very hard to run away from her, because her ravage-ability is stronger when hitting an enemy from behind; so don’t push too hard but keep playing definsive and safe. This is also important, because she gets stronger when champions of her opposing team die.

Keep in mind, that there are certain items/abilities to detect invisible champs and use them wisely. When pushing for example, a tank or the highest-lvl player could buy an oracle's elexir to gain stealth-detection, but keep in mind to look out and protect this player, because he looses th stealth-detection when he dies and you can’t afford to loose 500g after in failed push.

Jax is obviously a very strong Champion which deals a lot of dmg and has strong abilities. Because of his counterstrike-ability and most of the time a high percentage of dodge, you’re better off facing him with a ranged mage that can keep him at a distance.

Also, beware of his leap strike-ability; just don’t let him get to near to you!

When facing morgana, juking and hiding behind minions is very important, because you really don‘t want to get hit by her ability „dark binding“ and getting a tormented soil placed under you.

Nunu is another champ with good slow-abilities and a very powerful ulti, so don’t play too aggressive and don’t crowd when his ulti is ready!

His passive ability will grant him to cast a spell for free after hitting 8 times, so keep using crowd control and stuff on him to annoy him a little bit, because in my experience, you don’t really play that much mana/manareg-items on nunu, which will lead to mana problems if he can’t utilize his passive-ability properly.

Other Champs will follow soon, I’m open for any kind of Feedback, so just send me a PN or sth.

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Ammumu: Note that you shouldn't sit around attacking him with your allied creeps - he benefits from that, much like Axe.

Annie: Note that you should watch her stun buff - know when she has stuns and when she doesn't - that's one of the most important parts to beating her.

Eve: You should note that if you know she is invisible and nearby, you should try to stay near an ally/creeps in order to make her .5 s CD spell near useless. Being alone against her is suicide.

Jax: Same as Ammumu: don't fight him when he has creeps. Note Wit's End works well against him. Also note that you should not assume towers are going to protect you, as he is an amazing tower diver.

Morgana: I'd say keep flash handy to avoid her projectile and her ultimate. Her projectile is hard to dodge normally, as it has a large 'hit range', but actually moves quite slowly - so rather easily dodged by flash. It's also easy to get out of range of her ulti by Flash.

Nunu: You should mention using Flash/other spells (such as Judicators invul) to make his ulti useless. Also note that you should keep one stun/disable/CC handy for when he uses his ultimate - all you need is one disable thrown quickly.