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Feedback on thew new buddly/chat room list

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First of all, loving the job you're doing witht his. The new imporvements and features are really nice and useful. Bu hey, this isn't an ass kissing thread so let's get the feedback started.

Buddy List

  1. This window needs to be resizeable: Personal messages sometimes get cut. And sometimes you want to see more.

  2. Needs to display more friends: Right now i fing that the icons are a little bit too big, if you could pick the image size it would be awesome.

  3. Pending friend requests (recieved or sent) should be viewable in this window: Becuase i had a hard time noticing where they were, it would be more intuitive to have them there too.

Chatroom List

Same suggestions as number 1 & 2 from the previous list.

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I agree with everything you said Luuuuuuuuchennnnnn!

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Junior Member


One quick point about chat rooms that I'd like to make. When I undocked the chat stuff and I already had a chatroom open, it cleared all the text had occurred in the chatroom. It didn't come back when I re-docked it either. I don't know if this is a bug or just undocking clears the chat buffer, but either way it'd be nice if it held the chat log no matter what you did.

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Would like the bottom bar for all the chatting to be a bit seamless against the normal PvP.net window, it just looks like it was added last second. One thing to do, use the same graphic as the buttons (play/armory) on top?