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Need Nidalee tips

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Okay, so i bought Nidalee today and I have been looking for a good guide for Nidalee. They are all from awhile back, which has me leery. I have also noticed that some are AD and some are AP. Anyone help? Thanks!

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I read guides to get a general idea of what's good and what's not.

And if you've bothered to look very hard, flankd's AD Nidalee guide shows up quite often. It is apparently only a month out of date, and the only change that's happened is that Nidalee's heals got a bit more expensive as you level it up.

Some tips off the top of my head:
--Learn the mechanics of each move in practice first. Pounce is a bit tricky in that Nidalee will simply leap ahead in the direction she's facing, so if you're in a confusing crowd of guys, you might end up in a place you didn't want to be in. Also, Pounce and Swipe don't require targets, while Takedown is an attack enhancer.
--Anything cougar requires 0 mana. Abuse its moves! (don't jump into the middle of a team fight though, good way to die)
--Pounce lets you go over thin walls. It's kinda like a mini Flash that doesn't pop projectiles but hurts instead.
--Use grass to chase or run. You should be able to outrun most anyone that isn't Ghosting.
--Bushwhack the grass early game to get a few warning signs of where your enemy is (traps can be seen otherwise). Bushwhacked enemies are revealed for some time and cannot hide from you, even if stealthed.
--Bushwhack as many champions as you can in team fights to reduce their armor and magic resists.
--You can Bushwhack dragon and Baron Nashor to give your team a headsup, and they cannot be attacked. Bushwhack lasts for 4 minutes however, so you'll need to reset them occasionally.
--Practice throwing spears! Well-thrown spears, especially ones from a distance, can net you kills early on, and if you're expert at metagaming, you can even kill unseen targets in the jungle. Spears are a skillshot though, and are susceptible to being blocked by minions.
--Primal Surge (a heal) is also good for increased attack speed. Even if you don't need healing, you can use it to take down turrets and whatnot.
--Multitask. Going 100% cougar or 100% human is not ideal, unless you're going for a support role, in which case you'd better stay human.

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Play AD if you enjoy being aggressive and want to beat the **** out of people.
Play AP if you enjoy watching your enemies' frustration at your 500 damage javelins and 500 health heals.

Also, change forms to suit your needs.
Cougar for movement, burst, and ganking.
Human for traps, harass/finisher, heal, turret-killing power.

Pro-strat: Dive enemies with cougar. You can kill people under 200 hp at a whim and get out in like 2 seconds. Then precede to heal yourself to full.

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Glad to hear you got nid! I bought her a while back and she has since become my main.

Benefits of AD:
More killing blows, thanks to massive takedown hits in cougar form and all around higher damage.

Massive heals (that give 60% attack speed boost as well)
Ridiculous spear hits at max range (the 0.55 scaling is with no multiplier due to range, meaning at max range, your spear actually does (base*2.5 + AP*1.375).

If you choose AD, your heal is a great self buff. If you choose AP, buff your carry with is as much as possible.

Try practice games to see which walls you can reliably pounce over. This is a huge lifesaver.

Go for the golem buff for the amazing CD reduction. With this, you can keep pretty much every important area on the map trapped.

Practice practice practice with the spear. You will have around 1/4 or 1/3 of your kills from your spear if you get good at aiming it. Wait until a tower hugger is around 1/2 of the way through their port before you chuck it.

When starting out, leveling primal surge for amazing survivability isn't a bad plan. Once you're more comfortable, try spear first for amazing early nukes.

Have fun!