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KaBizzy - the Broken Persuader

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Huge rough draft. Implements a hardened play style by consistently controlling not only yourself but another.

KaBizzy the Broken Persuader
Attack: ||||
Health: ||||||||||
Spells: |||||
Kabizzy is a small little demonic hero. Through being held in a magical binding he has been driven insane. His torturer constantly uttering spells to harm his being. His remembrance of his torturers words and tactics has rendered him to be a very convincing individual. Through this, he benefits.
Skill 1: Convincing Writ (target enemy minion or allied minion)
KaBizzy convinces those of the weak mind to follow his destruction and help guide his path. The controlled minion gains a set bonus of health / defense / attack and gains additional percentages upon ability power (maybe like 5/10/15/20/25%). The effects lasts 60/70/80/90/100 seconds. Or, it could last until death. I just don't know how it would go lorewise being able to persuade someone to do your bidding forever. This ability will HAVE to have a relatively low cooldown as, without it.. he’s kind of SOL. I don’t know if his minion should have a preset crit or what, but his minion could have the same amount of crit as he does. His minion also benefits from his attack speed and gains the auras of his items. (If KaBizzy has a lifesteal aura, so does his minion.)
Skill 2: Forced Charge
KaBizzy commands his minion to charge into battle against its will. It stuns its target for two seconds and deals 50/100/150/200/250 damage and obviously + AP. The minion is also able to charge in a direction. If he encounters an enemy target, they are dealt the damage and the stun. Through KaBizzy’s binding to his minion, he is forced to run with it despite the fact it may endanger himself.
Skill 3: Brink of Insanity:
KaBizzy drives his minion or a nearby ally nearly insane and puts them on the path of rage. His attack speed is increased as well as his critical strike. 10/20/30/40/50 % for attack speed and 3/6/9/12/15% for critical strike. Lasts 15 seconds.
Ultimate: Minions Empowered Leap
In a very large area of cast KaBizzy commands his minion to pick him up and jump to the designated area. Works like Kassadins ultimate in a way. He’s able to go over trees, etc. The leap deals 50/100/150 dmg and slows 35% for 3 seconds to all targets in the radius.
Passive: Ethereal Existence
When below 50% health he begins to fade from existence and gains a 25% chance to dodge all spells and physical attacks.