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I would appreciate the ability to...

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Sergeant Dragon

Senior Member


Forgive and Punish for different cases on the same person.

Recently, a few more grey cases have been popping up. One of the situations I come across, is where someone is most likely needing a warning in a few of the reports, while in some of the other reports, they haven't really done anything wrong, or the reports are just plain false.

Because of this, I'd like a method of finding someone guilty/innocent on each individual game. I'd also like a checkbox beside each report per game that can signify whether one finds a report false.


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Summoner Vashj



My thoughts are this is too much work for both riot to oversee, and members to complete.

Use your best judgement on the OVERALL case (all games included) to punish/pardon or SKIP.

When I am 50/50, i always skip. I don't care if it counts against my daily 10 or not, I don't have the evidence present to convince myself either way, its only right to skip.