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[crash] game crashing hard ;[

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Senior Member


15 days ago my game started crashing right after the match starts (like 5-10secs after loading)

it messes with the colors and than pc just freeze...after a restart i have to re-install the video drivers otherwise it just keeps freezing my pc(unless i enter windows in safe mode..)

+-1 week ago i limited the fps to 60 and managed to play for 6-7 days without getting any error at all.....but sadly now i started getting the same error again....

i only get this error on lol....i can play bioshock2 on max for hours without getting any error...same for pretty much any other game but lol...

any sugestions?^^

things that i already tried:
-installing diferent drivers versions
-running Furmark (no problems at all)
-lowering all details
-cleaning the video card contacts
-slapping my pc ;]

sry bout the bad grammar^^

right now im installing the video drivers for the 4th time today....ill post a couple logs after it finishes the installation.

any sugestion is apreciated ;[

edit: i have a little more than 550 matches played...so i guess it was working fine before those 15 days ;]

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Senior Wrenchman


Your freezing issues sounds almost like it may be a video card overheating or faulty video card issue. But if you can play Bioshock, that doesn't seem likely. Your logs are also kind of wierd, since all of them report completely different issues, or no issues at all.

The easiest thing to try would probably be a straight reinstall, from this guide, http://kb.leagueoflegends.com/questions/12/Reinstall+League+of+Legends