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# Ability to Hide Password Games #

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Hi there,

Been playing since the game came out.. and there's one very annoying thing i've noticed. I currently only ever play practice games, as such, i'm bombarded with password protected games... which normally would be fine, however, i'm not looking for the password protected games...

If it would be possible, could you edit your UI while searching for games, too add the ability to HIDE password protected games, all it would take is one check box... and it would make those of us who play practice games only (yes, i'm odd) , with the public, alot easier to choose from.

Thank you,

Not much to ask

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I totaly Agree They could do the same thing as they did in Diablo 2
You just type the Game name and the Password in a seperate bar

and if possible they could have Friends games Listed next too in a practice game in the lobby.
then you could pm people game names and passwords
and then you wont have people advertising sites and having a password then everyone doesnt have to see it.

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Just sort your search after the search has finished, by clicking the little square in the top left of your screen. By default it turns to non-passworded on top and passworded on bottom.