Please show summon level and last 10 games in tribunal.

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Half the time this information is more telling than anything presented in the cases.

Example 1: I get a guy with only 1 report for leaving. 1 leave report isn't really enough to tell if this is a 1 time only power outage, or a frequent thing. So I view the profile. The guy is level 2 with only 2 games played, both leaves. Punish!

Example 2: I get a case very similar to the above. Only 1 reported game at tribunal for a leave. The guy during chat even says he's having lag issues. I view his summoner profile to find that 7 of his last 10 games were leaves. Nothing in the tribunal indicated anything like that. Punish!

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LOL @ Downvoted OP

this is a good idea, if it could work. let me explain.

i have left 40 ish games ( i think) and have (SEMI) trolled ( aka - champ i dont usually play, and not doing certain things. (like, morgana not shielding everybody, etc) )

these were VERY far apart. so, my last 10 games wouldnt b relevent 100% of the time. however if its a leaver report, that shouldnt matter AS much.