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how to improve tribunal

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I love what you are saying so what I think you want is transparency. the player needs to know what he has done and needs to be able to defend him self a basic privilege of and court that is what tribunal is missing and what it needs a statement from the play that is in trouble or the right not to make a statement.

is this right ?

you don't have the right to reply ?

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Well, there are quite a few things that bug me about the bans.

First, given Riot profits from players creating new accounts and dumping money into rebuying champions and boosts to get back to level 30, they could possibly have an interrest in nuking accounts knowing the player will have to pay them to relevel or take eons.

Second, due to it being free, it is a cesspool of kids under 18. Most people act the age of the group they are with. IE If you put a 13 year old with adults, he will act adult, and vise versa. This creates a very very negative player experience in randoms in regards to maturity.

Thirdly, it is a private game and as such you are governed by Riot and Riot alone. This basically means that since it is their game, you should not expect fairness, justice or being able to explain anything. The bottom line for this is they have to keep costs low and really don't have time to listen. They try to keep everything as statistically based as possible and simply come up with a mathamatical model to flag out behavior they don't like.

Fourth, connection testing. I became interrested in this issue after having been recently banned for connection issues. I had dropped 3-4 games after moving and had Clearwire 4g. I had tried to troubleshot the issue with their techs and playing another 3-4 games of bot games. Had no idea people could even be banned for dropping a bot game. Is it fair, meh, does it matter if its fair? No.

So what is the Tribunal, why was it setup the way it was?
It is purely a method to train the LoL community to do Riot's work. If they can get 5 people with a 99% chance to give the same punish as a riot employee would, then if all 5 of those people vote punish, you can say with almost certainty, he should be punished. This is why it is setup for you to make the same decision as Riot even though we all have very differing views of right and wrong. They will find all the people with over say a 75% success rate and take only their decisions into account. They will then see if there is a very popular consensus. If say over 75% of those make a vote one way or the other, the Riot employee could simply not review any information and hit the punish button. SOOO much easier than reading stuff.

If I had to do the system myself, I would do it very similar but with the player given an opportunity to explain the actions. The Tribunal would then be given a chance to pardon or not. If pardoned, Riot would never see it. If he wasn't pardoned, the ball would still be in Riot's court. This would allow the player the ability to explain himself and the Tribunal to save or not save. I also think the game should require some modest payment if they ever have any hopes of a community beyond vomit spewing teenagers.

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hmm this is is a bit overwhelming ...

so what can we as a players do ?

idea would me get a group of people together that just press pardon ?

we still have no morals in the community.

take this to a court ?

no one has the money to throw at this that riot does ?

write really informative posts like this one?

who really read it?

get every one to go play another game?

not going to happen!

pray to what ever god you believe in and just put up with it and live in bliss?

welcome to middle class.

any way we all agree that what you have said is sound but we as middle class would like to feel that it is not so black and white and would still like to think that we are making a difference so what else would people like to see in tribunal ?

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While I'm glad people love ideas, we need to use the search feature more. There are like 6 threads of the same thing on the first page any given day.

However, this thread has added something new. Please add it to this link (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=806121&highlight=compilation+of+tribunal) here.

I'm keeping it updated and hoping for a sticky eventually. I may change the format or something sooner or later, but right now it's a long list.

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just reading this thread about ip from tribunal being remove with poor desicions to stop people just pressing punish


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just looking throught today and some new ideas came up


Fatty Al:

1. Game Type:
2. All Players Scores:
3. Scores over time:
4. Leaves, Kills, and Tower Kills in Chat Log:
5. Premade Status:

is a must read goes indeapth to some issues

Because of this, I'd like a method of finding someone guilty/innocent on each individual game. I'd also like a checkbox beside each report per game that can signify whether one finds a report false.

Players who are placed on the tribunal have say 3 days to post a short explanation on there behavior.

Make a new section on website maybe so that we can look-up players names and view the results, where they punished, and there sentence if any ?

well thats my update for today have a look at the link post in them post in mine an i would love to see some of these changes happen

the right to reply should we be ale to have it in tribunal ?