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I am REALLY getting sick of this....

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Tenshi Jinn

Senior Member


I've had a pardon that had three games on it, hence why I said at least 3. I'm not sure if you can ever show up with 2 or less tho.

Ah I see kk I can't wait for my 3 game case, it's easier to judge

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I just got reported by a 4ppl premade again, for refusing to help the team (as usual in premades).

I ended up with 4-4-2 whilst for example our Akali went 2-12-3...and they lost every single teamfight, even 4vs2. Yes, in the end I didn't care anymore, since it looked like they are just running into their death on purpose.

But the Tribunal completely fails for those cases:

- You don`t get to see how the rest of the team played (stats)
- You get no information whether the rest was premade
- You get no information about other games, that might even be good ones by the reported player

It is always a collection of bad games. Ofc if someone has 10 games with Leave/Afk it's clear, but I had enough cases where more information would`ve been great.

And yes, it ruined the game, since you always "fear" a report. Some even shout "reported!!!!!" when you say "move your ass noob". It's an online game, which leads to rageing. I doubt that there is even a single person who hasn't flamed their team for just sucking yet.

There is a difference between rageing and trolling, but in the Tribunal it all looks the same, cuz essential information are not present.

If people can`t stand even a little heat or flame, they should play Hello Kitty Online or something but not LoL.

The only report reasons should be feeding and leaving. The rest is simply nearly impossible to judge via some text lines (Tribunal).

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You know, I was gonna post a reasonable response in this thread concerning the effectiveness of the tribunal, but then I read through the responses on the first page and saw that the ones that were being reasonable were being downvoted, so.... Why ****ing bother? Everyone just ASSUMES that the system is broken, even though there's suddenly a VERY noticable lack of trolls in the game. (In my games, at least.)

Anyway, I agree with OP's suggestion about being able to opt to not play with premades.

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I agree. The reporting thing is getting out of hand. Not because people are getting punished. Mostly because they aren't. It's been worse if anything with trolls since. Implement a system to fill leaver slots.