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2x Glad LF Serious 3v3 and/or 5v5 Teams

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Junior Member


Hello Everyone,

As it states in the post I am looking for a pretty serious 3v3 or 5v5 to try to push up ranks in the ladder. I come from a back-round of mmo/rts games. Wow being at the top of the list. I have achieved top 50 guilds to kill Illidan back in the day of BC (according to bosskillers.com), when I used to raid. And, have pushed 2700 in order to secure gladiator more recently holding a position 2 times on the "hardest" BG at the time(Blackrock - BG9 - Zippø). I was rank 1 US BM Hunter at the end of season 8, and know a great deal about what it takes to help a team reach the top. Unfortunately I have stopped playing wow for the given time, and have took up an interests in LoL. It's got a lot of the same mechanics, only a lot more simplified. I have many many toons, as I invest money into the things I like, I play all DPS class's or willing to learn for that matter. But, I usually trounce with kennen or twitch.
Skype: Legitkarma87
Aim: Osirisboy27
In-Game: Froggerstylez

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SOTS HyperLust

Senior Member


Hello Froggerstylez! Would you be interested in Team Air Gear? Our head leaders are willing to help. This is what we are here for. Not only are we interested in playing more ranked games, raising our ELO and meeting new people, we also have special groups for people that are below level 30 to help them level up and help with anything that is requested! So please contact us and fill out the contact form on our site below. Someone will email you back today! I hope you consider! Thank you!


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iBi Gudder



Heh, also a WoW Arena player thats quit and now playing LoL and wanting to get srs.

Whats your Jungling Skills like atm? I have 4 people (1 we kicked due to being emo too much) and all we need is pretty much a full time Jungle.

We run AP Carry top/AD Carry mid/Jungle/Roamer (Me)/Tank 2v1 bot

If you can jungle or at least willing to learn, hit me up ingame. I added you as friend. Possibly could use a Tank, because he is also a good jungler from what we play in norms from time to time.