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Trying to create a casual group..

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Senior Member


Hey guys,
I'm trying to look for a chill group that is somewhat skillful but also wanting to just play for fun.
I'm wanting to create a fun group of people that can play league sometimes that is decent.
Im just going to list some basic requirements..
- lv 30
- must have played at least 300 + games.
- must be able to play at least 10 champs
- have skype
- good mic
- good internet, otherwords. dont dc.
- positive, fun attitude
- PST time

thats all that i can think about.

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SOTS HyperLust

Senior Member


HI Fyree! So you're wanting to create a clan type of thing? How about joining an existing clan? Would you be interested in Team Air Gear? Our head leaders are willing to help. This is what we are here for. Not only are we interested in playing more ranked games, raising our ELO and meeting new people, we also have special groups for people that are below level 30 to help them level up and help with anything that is requested! So please contact us and fill out the contact form on our site below. Someone will email you back today! I hope you consider! Thank you!