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Looking for team mates, please read! pro farmers

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Ok, you know the feeling when you are bottom lane and you keep hearing ally and enemy has been slain. Before you know it, your solo top is 6/6 meanwhile everyone else on your team is 0/1 or 1/0 and the guy on your team keeps thinking he's doing a good job.
Until the guy he was laning against decides to switch lanes and just makes every all difficult.
i cant stand that!!! kills don't excuse feeding imo
if you think the same way at all please hit me up, i wanna play with you.
farm it up get a kill when u know u can get it safely
i absolutely need people on my team that know the importance of creep kills.
i want people on my team to think like me "get gold and try very hard to not die"

I don't care what champions you play if you think like what i been explaining i still wanna play with you.

team comp we can figure out when the time comes.
thanks for reading

add me in game " peatree "