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Looking for casual clan

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Junior Member


Basicly i'm just getting bored of playing by myself =/

just wana hang, chat and play some LoL with people who arn't complete A holes and know how to play.

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If your tired of solo queing and want to play with people that are fun to play with and organised then you should check out Fever Clan.

We have a ton of active and nice people that are always looking to play and have fun.

If you are interested on more information then check our site:

Or just hop on teamspeak:

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Fierce Frankie

Senior Member


The Fierce Force Clan Application: here. (http://fierceforce.wufoo.com/forms/tff-clan-aplication/)
Please fill it out if interested in joining.

The Fierce Force Clan Forums here. (http://thefierceforce.team-talk.net/)
Please sign up if interested in joining.

Our clan, ~TFF~, gets together on our Teamspeak 3 server to play premade teams for Normal and Ranked games. We have level 30's who play ranked and give advice to the lower levels and play Normal games with the lower levels. We play to win, but we also play to have fun! People of all levels are welcome because everybody has to start somewhere, and the more help you have getting there, the more you can learn and the more quickly you can become a skilled ranked player climbing the ELO ladder!

We ask that the people who want to join our clan come on the Teamspeak because it is a easier method of communication and allows for better teamwork and synchrony during gameplay. It also allows for a more personal experience, allowing us to get to know each other better. People hang out in the teamspeak just to talk or watch LoL tournaments, and sometimes even end up playing other games with each other, too. We want it to feel like a welcoming environment, like our own little family instead of a "community". So PLEASE, keep "nerd rage" to a minimum. Everybody gets frustrated at times but DON'T call people names or scream/point fingers all the time. It gets annoying very quickly. We're all still learning to some extent. Nobody is perfect.

We would prefer members who are 18 years of age or older, or who are at least older teens and mature. We have a couple 17 year olds, but most of our members are 18+. Sometimes the conversations can get kinda crazy, so hopefully people who know how to take a joke. We're a very laid-back group and we can be competitive and serious when the situation calls for it, but we're also here to have fun and socialize.

We also have our own forum, here (http://thefierceforce.team-talk.net/). We post and discuss builds, we post our game replays, and post any clan related news on the forum. I've been asking all of the clan members to register on there and we have over 40 registered users so far and several people who we play with in our clan on Teamspeak. You can see our current memberlist here (http://thefierceforce.team-talk.net/memberlist). We've had 17 people connected on Teamspeak at once and we've made separate team channels for in-house custom 5v5's and do draft pick to practice for ranked. It's always good to welcome more people to talk to on the server. We're mostly lvl 30's but anyone who is willing to cooperate and learn is welcome. We will rape ranked, and eventually try to play in ESL tournaments! =]

How to Connect to Teamspeak 3

Step 1. Go to the Teamspeak website here. (http://www.teamspeak.com)
Step 2. Download the Teamspeak 3 client for your operating system and install it.
Step 3. Open up Teamspeak 3, and in the top left corner click "Connections"
Step 4. For the address put in fiercespeak.sytes.net
Step 5. For the port, leave it at the default port which is 9987
Step 6. Choose a display name and click connect, and you are in the server!

We are The Fierce Force!

We also have a Terraria server and soon our own Minecraft server, if you are interested in playing those.

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Aemon Darkstar

Senior Member


Both casual and competitive players, as long as they are mature and polite people, are always welcome at Midnight Squadron. We are one of the oldest gaming clans on the internet, and play a host of other games besides League of Legends. For more details, please check this thread-:


Or, feel free to browse our main forums here-:


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SOTS HyperLust

Senior Member


Hello Dreher! Would you be interested in Team Air Gear? Our head leaders are willing to help. This is what we are here for. Not only are we interested in playing more ranked games, raising our ELO and meeting new people, we also have special groups for people that are below level 30 to help them level up and help with anything that is requested! So please contact us and fill out the contact form on our site below. Someone will email you back today! I hope you consider! Thank you!