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[Suggestion] some little funtion

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dunno if anyone else talked about this but bring it up again

In game the tab show k/d/a, item build, minons killed and ult ready, tower pushed

the ult ready funtion doesnt work at all... this funtion only show "yes" for your own hero and not your teamate's

also wondering if it would be possible to have a tab on top left, showing what skills your teamate learned

i played a bit HON a while ago dunno if they changed it or not, that they have a tab on the right side of team hero icon on top left showing what skill they learn, is it in cd, ready, out of mana to cast, or simply didnt learn
it was showing green for ready, red as didnt learn, yellow as in out of mana, blue as in cd, i might get the colors wrong but something similar

thank riot for having a good game