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Heimerdinger rune page and masteries

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so what runes and masteries should i use for heimer. i am planning on him being my main magic user. also any just heimer tips you can give would be awesome. i have read some heimer guides and im trying to get a good feel for him.

P.S. anyone know some good heimer gameplay on like youtube ?

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Hi. I love Heimer and have designed what I call "The Ultimate Harassment" Build. Its not perfect but it works for me and my playstyle.

AP, HP, Mana Build.
Remember AP affects turret damage +.20 per AP, the more you have the better
HP, your squishy so HP will hep you survive
Mana - with Archangles staff this adds a bonus 3%AP. So the more mana you have the better.

- Start with basic boots and 2 heal pots and 1 mana pot (3 heal pots if going against a ranged like vlad). Always have heal and mana pots till your start maxing out your end game items.
- You need mana so first items should be mana regen. I find Philosopers stone is great. as it keeps you in lane longer and gold generation is a nice little bonus when farming. Later in game, after you have at least 2-3 AP items build it into Shurelya's Reverie for your HP boost. Remember you squishy and some HP and regn goes a long way.
- next upgrade your boots to the recomended 20% spell Pen
- grab a Blasting wand and start building these AP items for dmg output and survivability
> Archangel's Staff
> Litchbane
> Rod of Ages
- Mix in Rabadon's Deathcap (hat), and if you have enough gold, hat x2
The mana boost and AP boost will help you alot early in the game and make you a harrasment Boss, I have had up to 850 AP before. It was sweet.

Taking clarity as a spell will help you stay in lane longer.
I usualy take Ghost but a lot of guides say Flash, either is good - as it gives you some sort of escape plan.

Tactical Playstyle: I have 2 play styles depending on what my team is willing to do.

1.) Mid Lane: Pressure-Leaning-Harrasment.
Heimer is often sent mid as he can solo-push-farm and hold off any opponent for long periods of time. Just watch for mia's as your opponents will be ganking mid.
- Your goal is to prevent your mid opponent from advancing while you farm and push in.
- Place your turrets not quite center lane and slightly above or below, and behind a minion march. Draw the minons up to your turret and farm them. When your opponent moves in close enough start peppering him with wrenches. That will keep him at bay, annoy him to no end, and prevent him from getting minon kills and gold. Quite often I end up being a level or two above my lane opponet because of this.
- I have harrased so effectively before that I held off a 3v1 in mid before. giving my team time to swoop in for a massive team gank. Just keep those heal potions handy. and dont be afrad to fall back to your turret till you recover.

(2) Solo top or bottom lane. (my fav)
- This strategy is all about pushing the opposing team down and kicking them while off-balance.

- If your team has someone else to cover mid solo (like Teemo or Brand), I like to lane top or bot solo, giving my team a 3man advantage in the opposite lane. This allows your team to get kills fast and push turrets very very early in game. Provided they understand the concept of 3v2 as being a wonderful tactical advantage. After wiping out the lane and taking out a tower so quickly, the 3rd play can then join the other lane for your typical 2-1-2 character spred to help push forward taking down more turrets and getting more kills.

Unfortunatly for many casual or greedy players they wont push as a team early in game but instead cry about having to share minon kills. If this is the case, you will find yourself alone in mid many many games. Learn to love mid.

9 / 0 / 21
You definitly want to build up your Mana Regen here, and take Clarity bonus. Heimer chews through mana like candy. Without Mana your useless and output of damage and pressure on the opposing team stops.

Reds - get Attack Speed 10% and a little 3xHP - faster wrenches helps push enemies away
Yellows - HP and AP
Blues - Mana regen and AP
Quints - AP

Hope you find some of this helpful and interesting.

Happy Heimer-Harrasing