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[Suggestion] End of Game Awards

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So, what I'm getting is:
1. They'd have to be simple enough to implement into the game without waaaaay too much fuss.
2. They would have to (somehow) be just for fun as an after game thing so as to not impact the gameplay, and by that explanation they couldn't be achievements either.

The first is self-explanatory.
The second means that they'd have to be more or less kinda random in-game events that happen in normal play. It also means that they could not give XP/IP bonuses because that would definitely have an impact for in-game play.

I think that there should be positive, negative, and neutral (or silly) sort of rewards. I will use the brush as an example for each difference. Positive could be like "Lawnmower: Got a double-kill or better while in brush." Negative could be "Bushwhacked: Got killed while standing in the brush." A silly one could kinda be "Gardener: Spent most time in the brush," or "Hay Fever: Spent the least time in the brush."

I think it'd add just a bit more fun in the game, because even if you were trounced horribly, it may still be fun to see what awards or penalties you got in the game.

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Everyone here has probably played the well-known game Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3.
Remember at the end of the games they would show efficiency (kills minus deaths) and then awards?

I think it would be pretty cool to see awards given at the end of the game. I know it would be hard to do but it would be interesting to see who did what.

For example possible awards could be:
Asian Farmer (someone who killed the most minions in the game)
Building Annihilator (someone who did the most damage to buildings)
Life Saver (someone who had the most rescues in a game [should be record too ;}])


scratch this post look at the other one already started my bad xD

Gaylo? In my LoL?

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Endgame achievements:

"Reached an understanding" = 2 Players who go the longest in a certain range without attacking each other.

"FaceRoll'd" = Player who died the fastest after the first initiated attack.

"Birds of a Feather" = Awarded to the team that stays in a certain radius of each other for the longest time.

"Surprise Buttsecks" = Player who delivered the most damage in the least time to an opponent through brush or fog of war.

"Don't Hurt Me!" = Player who took the most damage without dying before recalling back to the fountain.

"Ace of Spades" = Awarded to the team who gets an Ace first.

"MapHack" = Awarded to the player who puts down the most wards.

"On the Prowl" = Awarded to the player who spends the most time in the jungle.

Permanent Achievements:

"A Friendly Gesture" = /Joke or /Laugh at an opponent in 5 seconds or less after killing them.

"Fountain Dweller" = Spend a total of 1 hour in the fountain area.

"Peekaboo" = Kill a stealth champion using a ward or an oracle elixir.

"Clear Map and Mind" = Achieve the endgame achievement "MapHack" 10 times.

I will probably add more later.