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[Suggestion] End of Game Awards

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Lethal Loki

Senior Member


Lima Beans:
I liked these in Smash Bros.

anyone have any good ideas for specific end of game medals, and how they would be awarded?

Presence of a master- The player who shows up and turns the tides, saving their teammates and getting them kills (if thats even possible to determine o.O)

Savage- did the most damage (cumulative with magic/attack)

Unstoppable frenzy- Longest kill streak

now for some lols

Feeder- did virtually nothing but dying and hit some minions

ADD- Ran off during most team fights, even when told that one was incoming

Worthless- did nothing but jungled

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Senior Member


Nomming time- have 10 more kills then deaths.

Food on legs- have 10 more deaths then kills.

Never give up, never surrender- win the game with all of your teams turrets destroyed.

Lets be friends forever- have more assists then all other players.

Lets go lets go!- finish the game in under 25 min

You belong in a museum- kill the same enemy champion 3 times in a row without killing any others.

You only live twice- Win the game with only one death.

There can be only one- Win the game where you are the only live champion.

So old, so naive- Kill an enemy champion that is 15 summoner levels above you.

Death loves company- Kill an enemy champion after you have already died.

You go where you please- have 5 champion kills without having to return to the starting zone.

This'll be a slaughter- Get a Pentakill

Jolly Roger- Dance for 2 minutes straight

into the night- Win a game that has lasted over 60 minutes

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Senior Member


I don't know if anyone mentioned this but Flawless for not dying and Perfect game for not having anyone on your team die. Highest Physical damage, most gold spent, etc

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Senior Member


Crushed hopes-Steal baron Nashor and ace the enemy team 30 seconds afterwards.
Blinded by blood-Win the game while at least 15 kills down
Bent, not broken-Kill a healthy enemy while you have less than 30% hp
Carry on-Win a game as a 5 carry team
Impenetrable-Win a game as a 5 Tank team
From the shadows-Win a game as a 5 Assassin team
Mind over matter-Win a game as a 5 mage team
Unbreakable bond-Win a game as a 5 support team
Prime Tactics-Ace the other team with no casualties
Man of Steel-Be attacked by all five enemies in a 5 second period and survive
Picked off-Kill an enemy with your entire team attacking within a 5 second period
Power grabber-Steal a buff 3 times in a match(enemy kills not KSing the monster)
From downtown!-Kill an enemy with a Global or trap based ability(will not proc if enemy damaged you within 5 seconds of dying)
Dazed and confused-Was stunned 10 times in a match
running on empty-Get five kills at less than 30% hp
Fly on the wall-Be the only member of your team in the enemy base for 10 seconds
Fortunate Son-Dodged an attack that would kill you and stayed alive for 10 seconds after
Peerless fighter-Kill an enemy with more than 90% in less than 5 seconds

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Senior Member


caffeine overdose - clicked the most
easy does it - clicked the least
off in the clouds - spent the least amount of time watching his own screen/champ

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Senior Member


Imo, I don't think rewards like "Most deaths" should be implented.
There are already people who feed in this game, and then there will be people who purposely go out dying just to get the award.

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Lehran Fye

Senior Member


Remember that you can't make medals for more deaths or something that encourages feeding/not being helpful to your team/dying due to stupid factors because then ppl would do it on purpose for those achievements.

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Senior Member


...And everyone chooses to ignore the fact that this thread has been dead for over half a year?

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K D Bonez

Senior Member


Mother fu- GOD**** NECROS! SCREW IT! I wasted a half hour and i'm getting something out of it!

"For the Love of-" Kill an enemy Champion then get killed within 5 seconds by another

"Since When Did They Get an Upgrade?" - Kill an enemy Champion then get killed within 5 seconds by a Minion other then Super Minions

"I Smell Sell a Rat" - Kill an enemy Champion while they were initially stealthed

Rock Blocked" - Stun or Root an Enemy Malaphite while they are preforming Unstoppable Force

"Fish Beats Fisher" - Kill an Enemy Jax with Angler Skin as Warwick with Urf Skin

"Cuddly, but Killer" - Scrore a Double Kill with Annie by Summoning Tibbers withought it Stunning

"A Couger is Fine Too" - Score an Ace with Nidalee in Couger Form

"Does Not Compute" - Use Blitzcrank's Rocker Grab and hit one of Heimerdingers Turrets

"Still Dodgeable" - Avoid a Blitzcrank Powerfist or Gangplank Parley with Sivir's Spell Shield ability.

"Axe Bone connected to your Face Bone!" - Hit an enemy with a Crit as Sion while both Enrage and Cannibalism are activated

"Not Sure How You Pulled THAT Off" - Be Dead longer then Alive (Truely not sure if possible)

"Mundo Mash" - Kill 50 Minions while Dancing as Dr. Mundo

"I Hate My Sister" - Kill either Morgana or Kayle as the other by yourself

"Romeo & Juliet Gone Wrong" - Kill either Garen or Katarina as the other by yourself

"Where's That Fuzzy Little-" - Kill a Teemo or Veigar that has run away from you for 3 seconds

"I'd Rather Coal then Cold" - Kill the entire enemy team with Nunu's Ultimate Ability

"WHY IS THIS NOT BEING LOOKED INTO?" - Win a game with half as many Champion Kills as the other team

"More Dots then a Paragraph" - Kill an enemy Champion with Damage Over Time Ability other then Ignite.

"Were Sure It's a Gal, Right?" - Play as Poppy on a Female Only Team.

"I Use a Bow and Bazookas" - Play as Ashe while using Freljord Skin

"Q Some More" - Level up Q Ability the last

"W Makes Me Weep" - Level up W Ability the last

"E Ain't Easy" - Level Up E Ability the Last

"R Just Isn't Right" - Level Up R Ability the Last

"When We Getting Nashor?" - Kill Baron Nasho by yourself

"I Was Thinking- CAWCAWCAW" - Score a Triple Kill during a Team Fight as Fiddlesticks

"CAWCAWCAW- Is it- OH GOD IT'S NOT!" - Score a kill after Crowstorm finishes as Fiddlesticks

"Stare into my Eye an- Oh, your Dead"- Kill an enemy with Cryptic Gaze

"Gak! Hairball!" - Kill an enemy with Void Ooze as Kog'Maw

Just some ideas

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Haven't read through these but an award to kill a person that has the award. Sort of a "herpes" award.