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Clan Hellraiserz now recruiting

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HellRaiserz : was formed a few months ago by Psychotic Angel and Ministomper. It has become a very tight nit community of gamers. We are a very friendly based community that strives to enhance everyone's game play and tactics with League of Legends.

We are all about the fellow gamers out there. We have a wide variety of players both male and female, and from all over the world. We play at all different times so there is always members online.

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Our main goals for the clan are tO help get people out of ELO hell, get all of our members to summoner lvl 30, help our members become better players, get teams of 5's and 3's together for ranked games, and to play in tournaments held by other clans or by Riot.

We are going to be Holding Tournaments possibly every month if not every other month, with RP prizes [Donated by Members]. We do have our Own livestream channel under development :


If you would like to be added to this stream, you can contact us once you have become a fellow Hellraiser.

__________________________________________________ __________________________

To Become a fellow Hellraiser, please go to this link and apply : http://clanhellraiserz.gamerdna.com/join .


Unfortunatley we do have some minor requirments, but not anything that should prevent the average player from joining.

We ask that you are summoner level 20, and that you do have a microphone that can be used with ventrilo.

Our Joining process is first, you apply via our gamerDNA webpage, then at a time within 1-2 weeks, you will need to do 2 tryouts with our members, at which this point our Moderators and Admins will discuss if you make the cut.

To make the cut, we would like people that are willing to learn and can take constructive feedback, or are willing to help others learn. Also having a great attitude, and being a all around good sportsman, you should make our cut easily.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

If you need to contact us in anyway please hop into ventrilo.

Nitrogen.typefrag.com / 24420

Contact: lazerZKS in game (the first letter of my name is capital i) OR contact any of the names below

Founder: PsychoticAngel
Co- Founder: Ministomper

Forgivin, Bonarjinu, Sinfulrayne, Ltaw3som3

Ace of Spikes, Cow212208, Kaczordon , AOKid, Iaugh, Slokey.

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Current Event: Our 1v1 Tournament with Prize donated by our own MINISTOMPER: ATI Radeon 1600 Pro Graphics Card.

Status: Semi-Finals : With the Final being streamed Sometime early June.

/Singed Clan Hellraiserz

*We ask that Members of this clan dont spam the bump- its unprofessional*

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We are also currently looking for Recruiters so if you think you have what it takes come fill out an application