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[Guide] WIP: Alt. Physical way of playing Twisted Fates

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Emissary of the League


*Pre-note: This is my first attempt at writing a guide for LoL so bear with me if I get any information messed up or wrong or write it badly for that matter xD. I just want to give other people an alternative to playing Twisted instead of AP stacking

Also still subject to change tyvm.

*PICTURES COMING SOON :O. Be shocked, I want to make my first guide pretty ;(

Basically what this guide is going to do is show you how to become a lategame monster, utilizing crit damage to quickly and efficiently take out your enemy. This build is most effective against non-tank heroes though it can still deal with them, just in a long period of time.

However. You won't be stacking Ability Power with this build.

I know what you're thinking (What!? Twisted Fate is not physical champion you nab!). On the contrary, I prefer him this way. Used right, this build will rip through an AP stacking enemy Twisted Fate like paper.

That said let me explain. A AP Twisted Fate needs to rely on cooldowns whilst a Crit Dmg Twisted can spank him down before his second spell is cast. What does this mean? If the opponent doesn't spam gold cards well, you win . However the AP Twisted is more AoE based whilst physical Twisted focuses on one target at a time.

*IMPORTANT - This build has a bad earlygame, but a good lategame.



Wild Card - Throw 3 cards in a cone in the targetted direction for a fair amount of magic damage. The range is very long whilst having a low cooldown/mana cost.

Very usefull for early game harrassment and farming, however as this build doesn't use AP stacking, it doesn't scale with level and eventually becomes close to useless against enemy champions in the lategame.

Pick a Card - Twisted Fate's next attack will proc with one of 3 cards depending on how you time it.

Blue Card - Hits for +[Small damage] and lets you draw another special Card
Red Card - Explodes for +[Medium damage] and snares all adjacent mobs to the victim.
Gold Card - Explodes for +[Large damage] and stuns/roots all adjacent mobs to the victim.

I don't use this skill much myself but really it is great early game / hard to use lategame (due to attack speed mostly). What you want to do is spam this early game and try to get a gold stack to constantly stun and force your opponent(s) to recall giving you a easier XP/push gain.

Gate - Best. Skill. Ever. This lets Twisted teleport to any location on the map and I mean ANYWHERE. Example: You can gate to the enemy nexus in the first 5 seconds.

Earlygame - You'll just be using it either to assist someone struggling on their lane or as a replacement to the summoner skill 'Teleport' as the cooldown will start at 80 seconds.

Lategame - Due to the teleport now only being 28 seconds cooldown or so you can easily teleport around the whole battlefield, farming minions where no-one is left, right and centre for an easy gold/xp boost if you're running low. It'll also allow you to setup ganks quickly and efficiently behind fleeing enemies.

*IMPORTANT* Get your team to communicate with you for a gank if you have difficulties watching all the enemies health. This means you'll know where the low HP victim is, then gate to them for the kill/assist. It's worth noting that because the cast time is 4 seconds you'll have to gate quite a way back unless you use his ultimate.

Destiny - Easily one of the best ultimates in the game. This has 3 effects:

-Lets you view all enemy champions regardless of being stealthed or not.
-Snares all enemy champions heavily reducing their movement speed.
-Makes gate 2x quicker to cast.

Each level of Destiny greatly reduces its cooldown, by 20-25 seconds.

Theres 2 main uses of Destiny, the use I like to use is by finding someone relatively easy to kill, take Ashe for example; then Destiny > Gate near Ashe and attack her to death (I don't like Ashe =D). Be warned this is a great way to get yourself killed aswell as some people become a bit too suicidal with Twisted.

The other use is simple: Slow enemy heroes to help your allies escape if their in dire need.



My rune layout is simple but you can adjust to what you see fit. Heres my list of stats atm:

*NOTE: I haven't combined long enough to get the full 55% crit damage possible but I like things the way they are at the moment.

+48% Crit damage - [Mandatory] At level 1 you can crit for 151 against minions, eventually leading up to 800+ damage lategame when combining it with infinity edge. Yes, they stack.

+7% Dodge - [Optional] Fairly low amount but its surprisingly helpfull, though its still a low amount you can still dodge turret shots every now and then hopefully saving your life.

-3.60% Cooldowns - [Optional] I'd personally recommend more than my petty 3.60% but it does help with destiny nicely as you're going to need that skill popping back up asap.

Other things you could go for are Crit Percentage, Attack Speed or Health/Health Regen.



Basically use whatever you want here. However I use a 21/0/9 build which I'm fairly accustomed with. With offensive spec to the bottom one however as that 5% base damage translates to 15% more base crit damage eventually, the other 9 points you can choose what you want to go with, though I recommend maxing out Perserverance (+4% Maximum health/mana regen).

Remember: Since this is not about AP stacking you're not going to need anything to do with ability power, your choice again however.



I don't have a set list I use, instead I go with a different set each time. The skills I use most however are revive/flash/exhaustion

HEAL - Haven't tried this yet but if you have opponents which have very high AP, this could prove to be very helpfull.

EXHAUSTION - More helpfull then heal imo as it both renders physical heroes useless and snares the target, getting you those few extra hits on them.

GHOST - Don't really need this but you can experiment. Your ultimate will snare people and getting exhaustion instead will finish them off. However it can be used as a downgraded escape alternative to flash.

CLEANSE - Excellent if you're against people who rely on their stuns to win, e.g. Taric, Ryze. Remember this can also dispell Warwick's ultimate making him a sitting dog.

FLASH - Excellent for chasing or escaping if a gank goes wrong.

TELEPORT - Don't get it. You have recall/Gate.

FORTIFY - Meh. It would be better on another champion in your party as you'll be teleporting right into the front lines all the time so you need your summoner skills to count.

- Again, don't get it. Lategame you'll be one shotting minions.

RALLY - Pop this whilst nuking a tank class or anyone who is health stacking for a quick kill.

- If you find yourself dying a lot, definitely get this and get the mastery to improve it. Very handy stuff . Here's a good use of it; Weaken someone you can't kill in one go normally > Revive instantly > Destiny > Gate behind weakened person > Kill >:]. Getting your hotkeys right is manadatory for this.

CLAIRVOYANCE - Destiny renders this skill useless, it would be much better on a friendly champion as opposed to yourself. The only instance where this could be usefull is after ganking someone in the enemy half of the map, drop a clairvoyance there.


It's worth noting this order I choose is very efficient for me but you can get the items in a completely different order, or go for health regen instead. I don't take health/health regen/mana regen myself but if you find yourself dying a lot, get a philosopher's stone.

  • Brawler's Gloves - I get this for one reason. It's the prequisite to Avarice Blade, the sword which gives +12% critical strike chance/5g per 10 sec, 30g a minute.
  • 2x Avarice Blades - You can either save up for 350g for your first or 1100g to get both at the same time. You DONT need two, one is enough but having that extra crit chance early game is deadly with your crit damage runes.
  • Beserker's Greaves - This can either replace the second or avarice blade or be before it. These gives you +25% attack speed and enhanced movement speed 2, excellent for chasing/escaping both early and late game.
  • Zeal - Gives you a bit more attack speed/crit and some dodge rating.
  • Dagger/B.F Sword - Either you can get 15% attack speed here OR go for +100 more crit damage
  • Infinity Edge - Obviously get the prequisites asap first to give you some bonus stats whilst farming up. Use Destiny and Gate to easily get the gold for this as infinity edge will gives you an overall +100% crit damage combined with your runes that means each crit does +100% normal damage, then double that again.
  • Phantom Dancer - Much more crit chance mainly but a great item in general, get it.
  • B.F Sword - Who wouldn't want another +150 crit damage?
  • Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge - You choose here, if you find your opponents are putting up a good resistence, get Bloodthirster to regain some of your massive crits into health with an additional 180 more crit damage, infinity edge for more crit chance and another 240 crit damage.
This should give you the current build of:

Avarice Blade
Avarice Blade
Beserker's Greaves
Infinity Blade
Phantom Dancer
Bloodthirster/Infinity Edge


If you're not yet very good at getting your hotkeys/pick a card right then heres some items you might want to consider to better your survivability.

Guardian's Angel - Every 5 minutes this will res you with 50% health where you died. Excellent for finishing off enemies who just made it out alive or escaping with your life. Comes with nice physical defense too.
Philosopher's Stone - Very good health/mana regen item, also comes with 30g a minute
Warmog's Armour - Only get this if you're amassing gold very quickly and want a big HP/Armour boost.



There is no skill order needed for this build as you won't be using Wild Card much, instead utilizing Pick a Card to CC your enemies and both Gate/Teleport to set up ganks.

All you need to focus on is getting Gate asap whilst having at least 1 level of Pick a Card and Wild Card early for that earlygame Harrassment. If you find yourself being nuked quite a bit, just stack up in Wild Card a bit to harrass them away.



The main words you want in your head are these.

-Get as much gold as possible
-Don't die
-Don't chase
-How much gold is my next item?

Keeping those in your mind, you'll know when to recall to get your next item then quickly return to the field as your items are VERY important and also (hopefully) not die. As Twisted is ranged, your early game will be considerably easy to survive in, possibly even getting a couple kills before level 10.

This may be very short but thats all there is to it at lategame. You won't be a champion killer at this stage, not in a thousand years. Once you get infinity edge the fun starts.

It is also worth noting due to the avarice blades you get an additional 60g a minute, and as most games last 30 minutes or above you'll get at least 1500g or so more because of them.



This is where the fun starts for you.

Hopefully you've amassed enough gold to get the following combo or at least be striving to by level 18. If not keep working towards it by gating to everywhere theres minions, farming them for gold.

(If you chose to use some of the alternatives, e.g. philosopher stone, then don't worry if yours differs)

Avarice Blade
Avarice Blade
Beserker's Greaves
Infinity Edge
Zeal/Phantom Dancer

I don't know how to write this next bit so I'll write it in Q&A form.

Q: How will I kill people?

A: Using the destiny/gate combo either as soon as it cools down or when you see a vulnerable opponent you know you can kill.

An alternative is that if your team is massing up for a big single lane push, you simply Gate behind the enemy after they've massed up and ambush the ones on 1-60% health from there. This works better if Twitch or Evelynn is on your team.

Q: Whats the damage output I can expect to see?

A: NOTE: Minions have 0 armour, heroes will have a lot more so your crit damage will be proportionate depending on their armour value. (Screenshot coming soon)

At early-late game you can expect to see yourself doing 600 damage minimum to minions. Late-late game you can expect a rise to 800 if you stack attack damage.


Q: Whats the attack speed like?

Very fast. Phantom Dancer and Beserker's Greaves give you a combined 70% resulting in a very fast attack rate already. However you can choose to expand this with another attack speed item. Another phantom dancer or a Sterk's Fervor (If you don't want bloodthirster) would be perfect.

Q: What type of K/D ratios can I expect to get?

My personal best is 18/3/15. However Twisted Fates is a very risky character and ambushes can end up in tears sometimes, well not tears but you'll see your character falling over screaming if it goes wrong and you can't escape.

Q: What heroes are the easiest for me to kill?

I'll bring up Ashe's name again. She appears to be the easiest to kill for me, my record being killing her in 4 shots.

Other (not all) heroes include: AP Twisted Fates, Annie, Morgana (when using cleanse), Evelynn, Karthus etc.

Q: What are my biggest weaknesses?

You should eventually be pumping a huge amount of damage that your biggest threats are being double ganged on, stuns, blinded (Teemo) or being exhausted. Other similar weaknesses exist of course.

Overall I hope this helps some people..

I made this because all I see nowadays are AP stacking Twisted Fates and wanted to introduce an entirely different way of playing Twisted. Though it uses some of the recommended items, these are the items I prefer to use after having experimented.

Many adaptations are out there for you to discover; this is a basic guide of getting you a great ganking hero.



Last but not least heres some examples of what the build is capable of.

1. Equipping Cleanse/Flash along with Infinity Edge/ BF Sword / Phantom Dancer / Avarice Blade / Beserker's Greaves

-Warwick ulti's me
-Stand still and nuke Warwick to death due to his ultimate still slashing mid air
-Flash to the enemy nearby karthus
-Nuke him to death. Destiny or gate if he tries to run

-Destiny/Gate next to an enemy nexus where 4 enemies on 20-80% are defending the inhibitor turret and proceed to kill all 4, use cleanse to remove any stun counters.

-Solo dragon every time he respawns, you can gate there which means easy global xp/gold.

-Not able to solo baron



This build can be used on other characters for a huge damage output as opposed to normal. Heres the ones i've tried and loved so far.

-Master Yi
-Tristana <- She can do a whopping 1200 damage per shot to minions eventually as opposed to Twisteds 800. He's just more suited for ganking and killing than Tristana who has to waddle up to people.

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Emissary of the League


Last note I forgot to add

Because your using physical damage instead of magic damage, tanks will be considerably harder for you to take down. I managed to take down cho'gath with 5k hp though using a bit of summoner skill powah.

Meh i'll edit it in a mo, forgot about Wit's End, argh.

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I think Black Cleaver would work much better than a second Infinity Edge, or maybe the blue bow (I forget the name, evolves from a Recurve Bow), for armor penetration if your opponents are attacking armor against you.

Other than that, like you said, this can be a really fun build that people don't expect.

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Junior Member


I've always thought twisted fate was a lategame physical carry.. I've never considered the idea of AP stacking him?

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Emissary of the League


I'm still experimenting with different item combos so I will be updating it, this is just what i've used so far and had great experience with.

As for Blueflower's comment; Every Twisted i've seen is an AP stacker and all the other guides are about AP stacking, so I made this

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Senior Member


I've been playing TF a lot lately and alternate a lot between an AP and physical damage build on him. I find that I get blown up in team fights if I don't get some sort of survivability in an early item. You have to get a bit more in the fray to do damage/stuns as physical dps and people always like to focus me down very quickly if I don't have some sort of added survivability. Do you find this is the case when you play or how do you counter it?

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Senior Member


Great guide. I've played him both ways and I find an AP build really limiting. TF can be a great carry lategame hero. My mastery and rune setup is pretty much the same as yours xD
Depending on the matchup, I sometimes try to rush the Phantom Dancer. That way, during mid-game, you make for an excellent chaser.

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AP Twisted Fate is not for hero fighting at all, he's a pusher/farmer. Comparing him with a physical build 1v1 is a little silly. He does taper off late game as creeps become less important but he can still backdoor pretty well with Lich Bane.

Even for a physical build IMO you should take Wild Card over Pick a Card, it will vastly improve your laning ability and earn you a lot more money. Without that Twisted Fate is simply inferior to other DPS heroes except for when he's teleport ganking.

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Heh. I never really see AP stacking TF's but I guess I wouldn't want to. Seeing your item builds it seems you are neglecting Wild Card a lot and relying on the legendary Golden Card and the semi legendary red card heavily. I also worry about your priorities since it seems to be mainly don't play aggressive farm the lanes until late game. The moment you get Destiny is the moment you keep an eye on enemies and start to gank. Using TF the odd's are never really stacked against your team as you can show up in a blink of an eye, so it's never 3 v 1 or 1 v 1 but rather 3 v2 and 1 v 2.

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Omg, I played against you while you used this! Lols.

First things first: Crit Chance. Nice to see you mentioned it. ;D I don't know if your numbers are right though. I use the opposite build, and I hit for over 800 with infinity and crit about 150 or higher from level one. You might wanna check your numbers as I only run +11% crit damage. :/

Masteries are good. Those are actually the same ones I run with. Probably exactly, too. o.o

Summoner Skills! First of all, you should try heal. I run it on my DPS TF's, and it works great. I don't know why you suggest it against AP opponents though as, frankly, no one can tell if they're facing AP or not. Blind Pick, remember? Other than Heal, I like Smite. Though your late game farming does rock, you want to farm early game so you can hit the late game rocking like that. You don't get there without a bit of help, you know? The extra gold is always welcome in my book.

Items...well, I agree with like, all of them. I don't agree, however, with not getting regen in the beginning. Face it, CM is weak as shit early game. A bit of regen provides spammability and staying power, which equals more farming which is equal to better items and more exp. I know that Gate makes it easy to take frequent trips to the base, but I don't like to do that all the time either.

As far as your abilities go...I'm not sure what to say. You outright say that you don't like to use Pick A Card and advocate Wild Cards while saying to get Pick A Card later on. I've played against you myself, and I can personally advocate that you don't get Pick A Card til later as far as I can tell. Or don't use it.

Your play style suggestions are odd as well. You skip straight from early to late as if the mid game doesn't exist at all, and you say that you can't kill early game. Which isn't true at all. I don't know how many times me or my lane mate got FB by ambushing from grass with Pick A Card. I've been experimenting with Elixirs early game lately as well (especially on AP caster heroes with the Elixir of Knowledge or whatever it is) and I believe that an early game Elixir boost to attack speed and crit rate could net you an early kill as TF with Pick A Card on.

And lastly, weaknesses. TF, is and always will be, made of glass. The weaknesses you mentioned (blinding, ganged, stunned, exhausted) are all weaknesses that ALL heroes have in common. Except maybe Jax. Either way, you ought to do a bit more of an extensive look into who're good counterheroes. Like Ashe. You mentioned several times that you could pwn Ashe in 4 hits. The same goes to you from Ashe, and the difficulty in facing her is that she has a reliable stun. And a built in slow. You have a random stun and slow, both of which require a fairly close distance to be made possible. Another counter would be Teemo alone, as you mentioned. He can DPS just as well as you, and he has a way to stop your DPS for quite a while. :/

PS! Nice to know that my team lost to someone who knew what he was doing. That was my first loss as a DPS CardMaster.