Eric, The Pathfinder

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(still a work in progress, I will work on giving his abilities snazzier names later on and i will work on the stats and actual numbers for the abilities once i have learned more about that kind of stuff, I'll also work on appearance to. If anyone has any input feel free to post a reply)

Name: Eric, The Pathfinder

"He is like a leaf in a river, never able to go back."
-Cassium the blacksmith

The first memories Eric has of the world are the aftermaths of battle. Coming to from an unconscious state Eric found himself surrounded by the fallen bodies of soldiers with a broken spear in his possession and a vicious gash on his head. Eric could not recall anything that had happened before, so after he had disposed of his worn armor, broken spear and cleaned the wound on his head he pondered. For several days and nights he camped on that battle ground thinking. After all of his thinking he final made his decision. Eric declared "the past does not matter, it is the future i shall pursue. but to do so i will require strength" so Eric packed up what he could and headed out to find himself a new weapon and begin his journey for the future.

For months Eric traveled in search of a weapon. It wasn't until Eric came across an old hut in the shroud of a forest that he found what he was looking for. Upon entering the hut Eric was met by an old but strong man bent over a forge. When the old man had seen Eric he only asked what it was that Eric desired. When Eric explain the old man replied with a smile "I am Cassium, a blacksmith and i shall grant you the weapon you desire". After several days of crafting Cassium had finished Eric's weapon. It was a spear with the head of the spear being the blade of a claymore. The shaft of the spear was sectioned off in three places and those three sectioned could be separated connected only by a chain increasing the range of the blade. When Eric asked Cassium what he wanted in return for the weapon Cassium told him that he only wanted him to complete a request. Cassium asked him to take up the name Eric, join the league of legends, and earn fame using his weapon. Doing such Eric joined the league of legends and carved his future.


Q: Focused strike/Ranged Jab

Focused strike:
(can only be used in melee stance) Eric focuses on his next attack doing extra physical damage

Ranged Jab:
(can only be used in range stance) Eric fires out his blade in a straight line jabbing whatever it hits and doing physical damage.

W: Brace/spin out

(can only be used in melee stance) Eric braces himself increasing his magic resist and armor for the next few second.

Spin out:
(can only be used in range stance) Eric quickly spins hitting anyone within a small radius around him damaging them and knocking them back

E: Stance change
Eric changes his spear from it's melee form to it's ranged form or back

Melee stance:
Increases attack damage as long as Eric is in this stance

Ranged stance:
Eric loses the attack damage buff and losses some attack speed in return for a large boost to range

Ultimate: Path Crusher

Eric puts his spear in ranged form spinning it in circles in front of him before returning it to it's melee form and striking his target with the built up speed. The longer Eric spins his spear the more damage his strike will do (can only stack the damage up to six times)