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Corki Build?

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Master Dim Sum

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He's free this week, I've been dying to learn how to play Corki since he seems like one of those champs who is difficult to learn, but at the same time, really really contributes well to any team assuming you play well (I guess the same could be said about any champ, but he seems to have a higher skill/reward level than most champs). So yeah any recommended item builds/runes?

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This Corki Guide (http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-corki-guide) without a doubt, its basically reginalds corki build.

Ive been working on my corki game for a while and hes definitely a powerful champion to master (definitely worth the effort)

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My opinion for what it is worth:

Corki tends to mix in autoattacks and spells. He has a grenade, a Gatling that he will chase with while getting in occasiona autoattacks, and also rocket spam.

Therefore he mixes Physical damage, true damage and magical damage. His spells scale off of AP and AD (though his Ult scales AWFULLY with AD).

He is a bit of a mana hog since he has spammable abilities.

He doesn't need Attack speed so much due to his spamming of abilities. He is similar to Ryze in this manner, except that he will weave autoattacks inbetween his abilities instead of Q spam.

Therefore, the following are promising:

* Manamune - lots of mana, some early mana regen, high AD, high efficiency. Downside is it isnt all that efficient at first. No AD gained for the first 1000 gold worth and doesnt add a huge amount of mana early.

* Sheen/Triforce/Lichbane - Due to Corkis autoattack weave, the procs on these 3 items are ideal for him.

* Bloodthirster - high AD, stays high since Corki is less likely to die. Lifesteal keeps health topped off.

* Black Cleaver - Comboes well with Gatling gun to strip large amounts of armor off.

* Chalice - early fix to mana issues and adds magic resistance. Alternative to manamune.

So... I go:

21-9-0. 3 armor,magic resist, 3 str of spirit (combo with high mana pool). For offense, 3 AP, 1 crit, 4 AS, 4 CDR, 3 armor pen, 1 MAGIC 15% PEN, 3 AD, 1 improved ignite, 1 5% offense.

Runes are armor pen red, MP5 and armor yellow, CDR blue. Health quints.

Meki and 2 health pots.
-> Tear
-> Manamune (for AD ASAP and faster buildup of mana pool)
+ Vamp Scepter (for healing)
+ Negatron Cloak (anti-burst damage)
+ Zeal
+ Phage
-> TriForce
-> Banshees Veil
-> Bloodthirster

An alternative might be Chalice upgrade, then work on a Bloodthirster early. Then TriForce. I personally prefer the efficiency of Manamune and a larger mana pool.