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Leavers are a big issue...

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l Cream l

Junior Member


Seriously I just wasted the past 25 minutes playing a 3v5 because one player couldn't get his internet to work properly and the other rage quit because he died 3 times in the first 3 minutes and to top it off it gives me a loss and ruins my k/d ratio on my most played hero, now I'm not one to complain normally but I seem to be prone to getting leavers on my team and its seriously ruining the fun and it seems to me you guys are not addressing this problem at all, its great you've been releasing heroes practically weekly but could you please invest a bit more into fixing problems that have been there since the dawn of games.

I realize there's no way of stopping someone from leaving however there are some easy quick fixes you could implement in the game such as:

-Too many left games withing a certain period of time would get you banned for a certain period of time.
- if any team has 2 leaves or more within the first 25 minutes they can leave without any penalties whatsoever, not even a loss.
-make it so we can put some parameters on the matchmaking system so we can put it so it doesn't put us with or against people with x number of leaves, of course people with too many leaves shouldn't have access to this function

Also another issue I've noticed is some people, who have bad starts and decide to quit, will sometimes come back just before the 25 minute mark just so they could surrender and avoid a leaver mark on their record now there's another easy fix for this and its making it so anyone's that left for more then 10 minutes cannot come back after the 25 minute mark, sure they could just afk so how about you make it so it kicks you just a few minutes faster if you afk too long?

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Well the one big problem with penalizing leavers is that, they can always just come back and make a new account.

Whats needed is a reward for the players who put up with it. I like your 2nd suggestion of no penaltys, however, in premades i can see this being abused. So to remedy this, perhaps players could recieve 1/2 of a loss.

Furthermore, once a player leaves, all of his gold generation and items should be dispersed among the team or perhaps a bot could take over. The bot would have to be worth 0 gold and xp upon being killed though. and other little things like that.

The biggest and most important thing to me, would be a shortened or an immediate surrender button once a leaver leaves. Honestly, i just played a game where i solo rage quit at lvl 6, it obviously went way downhill from there, and we all knew it would. Honestly, why should players be forced to put up with a game thats obviously not going to be fun. being out numbered seriously destroys the game.