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Help needed re: Runes and Stats!

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Hi all,

Where does it calculate the value of each 'stat?'

eg. What's the value of ArmorPenetration compared to AttackDamage? AbilityPower vs MagicPenetration?

Is there a ratio of these values when comparing them against each other?

After I get that info, it'll be easy to crunch numbers and IP costs.

I've tried searching for that info, but I can't seem to find one that explains it simply and clearly.

Thanks for any help!

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there isnt exactly because every hero profits differently from these stats.

for example:
Yi does greatly benefit from both attack dmg/speed and armor penetration because of his high-dmg autoattack, whereas Poppy's main dmg-source (dev.blow) uses attack dmg, but not speed or armor pen, thus rendering these less efficient.

edit: regarding only autoattack, even then you cant compare numbers, as both attackspeed and ArP give a percentage bonus whereas attack dmg is a static bonus, therefore the autoattack-benefit depends on your base-dmg, which is always different.

though you could calculate such rations for a specific hero with runes+masteries, but they differ with each item you have.

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This a a nice spreadsheet that lets you look at all of the runes side-by-side.

2 suggestions:
1) If you are unsure what to get, start out with tier 1 or 2 runes. Tier 1 runes are roughly half as effective as tier 3 runes, but cost about 12 times less (Tier 1 Armor Pen: 1.09 pen for 30 IP; Tier 3 Armor Pen: 1.96 for 410 IP). Additionally, buying a bunch of the cheapest tier 1 runes you can (15 IP) and then upgrading them to a random tier 2 (and then upgrading to random tier 3- getting a T3 quintessence for dirt cheap is always fun!) as you outgrow them is a good way to fiddle around if you're unsure what to try.

2) As for TYPES of runes, i would suggest armor pen or magic pen for reds and mana regen for blues and or yellows. Penetration is one of the most effective stats to stack; it actually gets more effective the more you have! And as there are very few heroes that don't use mana, you'll atleast have a run book that functions moderately across many champions.