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URF - "The Bucketmaster" style discussion

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With Urf's release clearly set for the 1st of the upcoming month, its high time the hype and speculation about the best strategies start appearing.

Q - Bucket Beatdown (Urf swipes at would-be bucket thieves, disorienting them for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds every 6 seconds.

W - Bucket Belligerence (Urf recharges his rage bar to full instantly. Cooldown is reduced with further ranks.)

E - Bucket Bliss (Urf and nearby teammates regenerate 1/2/3/4/5% health per 5 seconds.)

R - THEY STOLE MAH BUCKET! (Urf flies into a rage at losing his bucket, increasing his movement and damage by 10/15/20% and his attacks hit up to 2 other nearby units. Urf cannot be reasoned with during rage and ALL units nearby are subject to his wrath, whether ally or foe.)

With a ragebar-based attack setup, we know mana-related items are useless. None of his attacks appear to be magic-based, so its very likely we'll see several people trying out AS/Lifesteal and AD builds, with a few even going a tanky armor/health build.
Which one will prevail? YOU decide !

(yes, I know its a lolrus.....just go with it. anyway, great April 1st character, Riot. thanks! )