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[Champion Suggestion] Madame Goga - The Copyright Infringer

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Lore: In a world where magic and war loom on the horizon, you'd wonder if there were a thriving world of false celebrities. There are! And none are more plaguristic than Madame Goga. Kicked out of the business for thievery, Madame Goga was benished to the desert!

There, she came into contact with a Monolith of Inner Self. This monolith filled her with energy and empowered her greatest assets, singing and mimicry. With these under way, Madame Goga will unleash this energy upon the unsuspecting crowds in a new stadium: the League of Legends.

"Your pain may seem very familiar"

Mage, Assassin, Ranged, Tank, Mime, Disable

Madame Goga uses Energy. As a musician, magic was never her strength. A stage precense requires LOTS of energy. 200 is sufficient!

Passive: Cheap Imitation - Due to her ability of forgery, she can mimic the passives of her allies, but only at half efficiency. In addition, ally Passives are slightly more effective on themselves.

Note: This ability can take advantage of literally every character's passive in the game except probably Udyr. More info below will help explain. Allies with Auras will simply have 50% more effectiveness so 12% more EXP with a Zilean and 3g per kill with TF.

Good Enough [Q] - For 20 seconds you can mimic a randomly selected enemy skill. The rank of the skill is the same as the Rank of Good Enough. The skill functions at full capacity. You cannot mimic ultimates or Pheonix Stance. The skill will adjust in cost to your Energy Bar.

NOTE: At early levels, you can only copy skills the enemy has actually taken, but it will go to whatever rank you have. So if your enemy has rank 1 of a skill you imitate with rank 5, you'll have level 5's version. You can triple Click the skill at any time to remove it and allow 'Good Enough' to be used to snag a new skill.

Deafening Song [W] - Your music is so bad when your own that Gogo causes damage in an area. In addition, enemies who cast spells will have a 35/40/45/50/55% chance to have their spells or skills backfire for the next 5 seconds because they are deafened.

NOTE: Heals will hurt allies, nukes will backfire. Skillshots have some odd properties too. Buffs will debuff instead. Ultimates are once again exempt!

15 second cooldown.

Tap Number [E] - Passive: Your dodge rate increases by 3% per rank and 20/25/30/35/40% of your dodge rate applies to magic.

Active: Madame Goga can dance decently though the material is NOT hers. When she uses this skill, she will dance, causing the nearest enemy champion at a global range to take damage. In addition, any buff effects will be placed on you instead. If it's an aura effect, it will remain on you for 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 seconds.

Has a 30/27/24/21/18 second cooldown.

Brand Name Ultimatum [R] - You can ultimately copy your foes! Send their own powers RIGHT BACK AT EM!

When used, the targetted enemy gets blasted with his own ultimate at the rank of BNU! If not a nuke, it will activate the events on you. The enemy will also gain 10/15/20 seconds of cooldown on their ultimate whether it was used or not.

AVOID UDYR AT ALL COST! This has nothing to do with his combat capacity, he's not a bad champ. It's just that he just does not help you when your ally, and provides no advantage when the enemy. NONE! You can use his stances for a short time, but that's about all. Goga's synergy goes down against Udyr.

Taric's passive won't help either, but Taric foes have some great abilities to steal!

Do take advantage of going up against your favorite enemies. Their skills will be fun to use against them. Most Veigars aren't ready for Ulting themselves. You can play it easier on AP items against Veigar.

Itemization is odd. As a mage you'd want AP, but don't have any mana. As a tankish statwise character, Madame Goga lacks an initiator of her own.

Most Passives should be self explanitory, but I'll explain them anyway.

Yi's double strike is a 5% chance to happen.

Kat's Voracity is +25g per kill/assist and a 7.5 second cooldown reduction.

Taric's replenishes 3.75% of energy when you strike a foe.

Ashe's focus has the same %, but it takes 6 seconds instead of 3.

Rammus grants you 12.5% bonus damage from your armor.

Poppy's valiant fighter reduces damage over 10% by 15%/25% (the database and game can't seem to agree)

Veigar's Entropy takes only 10% of nearby AP. The maximum however is still 5x level

Alistar's ability to smash towers is 10/20/30% bonus for Goga.

Tryndamere's Fury adds less Crit chance at low HP.

Avinia's egg has double the cooldown if copied!

Ryze's passive reduces your cooldowns by .5 seconds when you use one.

Pantheon's shield needs you to do 8 hits or spells before you can block.

Shaco's ability lets you deal 12.5% backstab bonus damage even at range with your voice.

Gragas' Happy Hour is 1% heal for 4 seconds per skill used.

Jax's Equipment Mastery grants Goga less health per AP or AD.

Sion's feel no pain is a 20% damage to ignore up to 15/20/25 damage.

Fiddle's Dread is 8 MR reduction. This aura, like all auras, can stack with the original.

Morgana's Soul Siphon allows 2.5% vampirism with your spells and skills.

Ezreal's Spell Force lets you increase your attack speed by 7.5% when you hit with a spell. This can be better on you because your skills aren't skill shots.

Adrenaline Rush is .15% health recovery when not on Mundo (who goes where he pleases)

Sivir's Fleet Foot is half the dodge rate when moving. This goes very nicely in conjunction with Tap Number's Magic dodging capacity for it is applied.

With a Mord ally you get a 50% effective shield below your energy. You also only get 10% from attack abilities.

Zilean's 8% exp bonus becomes 12%.

Kass's Weapon Mastery reduces damage by 7.5% and grants half as much attack speed.

Soraka's lets you add 8 MR. This can stack with hers!

Singed's Bulwark lets you add .125 HP per Mana that HE has.

Teemo's camoflauge takes 8 seconds of stillness to hide.

Janna's speed buff becomes 4.5%.

Eve's minion resistance lets you block 25% minion damage.

Annie's Pyro does work on you. After 5 casts, your stun will only be .875 seconds however.

Twitch's venom when from your Auto attack is half the damage. Twitch's spells take full abusive power from it so help feed him more effects.

Trist's Bead artwork grants half as much range gain.

Using Pirate's grog lasts only 5 seconds. It is however from your ranged vocals!

Karthus lets you ignore death for 4 seconds. Make em count!

Heimer's repairman skills is half as good. It can of course stack with his for lots of regen.

Nunu's visionary lets you cast an energy free skill/spell after 16 attacks. If your chosen skill needs no energy, it'll not be wasted.

Warwick's thirst is half as much healing but mechanics are otherwise still the same.

Blitz's barrier is... uh, not good. You make a barrier with your energy, all 200 of it. It's still 50% and minute cooldown but energy leaves no growth.

Nasus lets you have 5/7.5/10% healing at 1/6/11 respectively. Can go nicely with Warwick's thirst for lots of replenishment.

Carnivore is half as much health restored and half as much mana instead healed as Energy.

Corki grants you 5% true damage!

Shen's ki is every 16 seconds.

Cursed touch takes 10/15/20 MR. Unlike Amumu, you can do this at a distance!

Bushing with Nidalee grants 7.5% speed in the bushes.

Granite shield is only 5% instead of 10% on Goga.

Kayle's Fervor adds 5% attack speed and the on death effect only adds 1x the fallen's attack speed. The Speed bonus can stack with hers.

TF's gold bonus is upped to 3g per kill instead of 2.

Beyond that, there's more to add, but for now... just getting this out there!

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This is wildly unbalanced. I suggest reworking, well, everything. Start with the op passive lol.

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I know its unbalanced. It's mostly just a concept to experiment with. The idea of a champion that uses others around it to empower itself.

I don't expect it to be... balanced, mostly a concept, to reiterate.

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That passive is ridiculous, 12% xp with zil?
Also, Trists range would again outrange baron.
Copying Malphites Shield, and Poppy's passive?
Cool Idea, but Ditto would be too OP.

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That passive is ridiculous, 12% xp with zil?
Also, Trists range would again outrange baron.
Copying Malphites Shield, and Poppy's passive?
Cool Idea, but Ditto would be too OP.

You have it backwards, Goga GAINS the stats, not the others.

Keep in mind the allies also have to be on your team. The chances of having Poppy and Malph and Goga are 18424 (3/49 * 2/48 * 1/47) to one.

Even still, it's just a concept, not too serious so why so serious?