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Unique Skill Thread

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In my oppinon, it's been a while since we've seen anything new as far as skill are concerned. So lets try to think of some new ones!


Guided Shot - A projectile is guided by following the cursor around. It would have to be either slow enough that it would take some real time to get anywhere or fast enough that it would be a challenge to control. If you made it slow, you could make it unlimited range allowing the player to chase or help ambush players across the map. If it's fast it should have a certain amount of time on it before it detonates/despawns.

Particle Beam - A beam lasts for 4/5/6 seconds damaging anything in it's way. The beam would originate form the character but they could manually aim it while the skill is active allowing them to adjust their shot.

Worm Hole - 1st use generates a hole at the caster's feet. The second creates an identical hole that teleports whatever steps on it to the original hole. No damage but the holes can be placed as far away from each other as the player wants. The only exception would be the original hole couldn't be placed in an enemy base.

Group Teleport - MASSIVE cooldown but allows the user to teleport any nearby team member to a structure (Teemo's mushrooms, Heimer's turrets, essentially anything that you could teleport to normally)with a 5/4/3 second cast.

Confuse]- All of the target's hotkey's and movements are randomly scrambled for 5 seconds. i.e. Ashe gets hit by Confuse so every time she tries to move forward, she moves sideways and Enchanted arrow might be bound to the "q" hotkey without her knowing.

Trebuchet Trap - An invisible trap that if stepped on, launches the target a 1/4 of the map in a pre-determined direction. Target takes damage upon impact.

Land Shark - Player digs his way underground allowing him to move through walls, minions, etc and when he surfaces he scatters all targets around him, stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

These are just some ideas, not all of them are very good, but their unique none the less. Anyone else got a good idea for a skill (not necessarily an ult)?

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I like the Particle Beam I made for my alien Champion. It takes an allied minion and converts its max HP into a beam that can damage a targetted enemy or it can be used on yourself to gain XP and gold from it and slight healing.